my wallet hates me

Hello guys! Happy Tuesday to everyone. Might I just add quickly that my fave part about Tuesday’s is the fact that it’s cheap night at the movies! Does anyone else have this in their area? For us, it means something like $4.50 movie prices – and how can you argue with that? That’s right, you can’t! I know my hubby would hit up the movies every Tuesday, if it weren’t for work…and if my wallet didn’t hate me for the following!

If you read my last post then you know that we were taking a trip to Buffalo, NY to do some shopping. Even though the money we used for this excursion was set aside, it still is hard for me to cope with. If you’re laughing right about now and asking if I get anxiety, the answer is yes.

This is why I need the husband to reassure me a million times that:
a) what I bought was ok;
b) it was worth the trip to get the things; and,
c) I look good in the stuff I bought (hey, I need to make sure a) and b) make sense!)

Anxiety aside, here’s a look at our little getaway:

The first hotel:

A special little something we saw in between the hotel buildings:

Where we ate dinner (on the 7th floor, facing the falls!):

A craaaazy hotel (still boggles my mind whoever created this):

Some drinks while we wait for our table…yes, please!

The view from the restaurant overlooks the falls, but lack of sitting at a closer table and constant mist coming off the falls made this pic not so easy to tell where we are (sorry!):

Niagara Falls shot fail #2:

Some parrot action:

Burning off dinner:

Nutso parrot swinging back and forth like it’s his thang:


Downtown at the falls:

Doesn’t the BK look pretty cool?!

Successful falls shot #1 (crossing the border into the states):

Hotel #2:

The damage:

I also picked up some Luna bars in flavours that we don’t have in Canada.

The foodie in me wanted to buy 10 of each flavour (including other flavours that I didn’t buy and haven’t tried either), but the sensible shopaholic (total oxymoron, I know) in me, said just buy a few…then make a trip back over the border in a few weeks, if need be haha.

All in all, I got some good stuff, but a girl could always use more 😉 – especially if it’s not as my wallet’s expense.

Questions of the day:

What are your fave stores?
What are some of the best deals you’ve gotten/seen this year?
Abercrombie and Hollister both had 50% off jeans.
If you had $2000 to spend at a mall, how would you spend it? 
Definitely some shoes, a nice blazer, dress, casual T’s, dress tops, and workout gear


buffalo getaway!

I find that getaways are always better when you really need them. And, even though the husband and I just road tripped together last weekend, we haven’t really had the chance for too many getaways this summer.

With school quickly approaching, I knew time was running out for one last quick trip. But, where?

Easy. The states. The shopping is way better, plus it’s fun to do, and we live in Southern Ontario, so super easy to get to. We started looking at hotel prices a few nights ago, since we knew that we had Sunday and Monday night free to go down. I found this in my junk mail while hotel searching:

Although it’s Niagara Falls, Canada, we decided this deal was too good to pass up, so the plan is: staying there tonight, then bright and early going over the border and staying at a hotel in Buffalo tomorrow night. From one hotel to the other is only 20 miles, so really, not a huge deal. But speaking of huge deal, how about that one ^^ above! It comes with a $40 voucher for the Keg, which we’ll eat at tonight. But, since I don’t eat meat, I’m thinking the hubby can have the whole $40 voucher, and even if I get a cheaper veggie dish from there, our bill won’t be that expensive! Also, comes with a $20 game card – you know where I’ll be tonight 🙂 and another $20 voucher to the Outback. So much food and fun, so little time!

The deal we got on the hotel in Buffalo was through Expedia, which I can’t take credit for finding; it was all my mom. See, she will also be staying there on Monday night with my siblings because they also need to do some back-to-school shopping (note: mine is more just shopping, but I did joke to the husband that I need a new lunch pale…he laughed). It will be nice to hook up with my fam after spending a night alone together!

Money is all switched over, now to make sure we have passports ready. Wouldn’t that be terrible if you forgot your passport and had to drive all the way back home to get it? If my brother-in-law is reading this, then he knows what I’m talking about, right D?? Which reminds me…I better go and find our passports.

And, found them! 🙂

Stores/places I need to visit in the states:

  • MAC – new bronzer, eye liner and we’ll see what else catches my eye 😉
  • Shoes – would love another pair of TOMS + one other pair (hopefully find a good deal)
  • Jeans – preferable Guess (skinny’s + boot cut)
  • Michael Kors – I’d love to find a deal on a shirt from here
  • Victoria’s Secret – $10 gift card which I want to put towards a new bra purchase *yeah yeah*
  • PF Changs for some sweet happy hour treats

I will actually take pictures this getaway and post them. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and stays safe from Miss Irene, who seems to be affecting a lot of areas.


Check out my ‘workouts’ section to see what I’ve done this week! Now what can I do to step it up next week?