meal plan – week one results

So it’s Sunday, annnnd almost a week since my last post. But, honestly, my meals have been keeping me busy 😉 I was totally on the ball last week for my meals throughout this week, but next week is slacking a bit. I have Monday still up in the air and the weekend – we’ll see what happens.

We’ll forget about next week’s plans for a bit and reflect on how this weeks turned out…you know: how I did, how closely I actually followed it, and how the recipes worked – yay or nay!


This quinoa salad was awesome. Even the husband loved it – so much that he requested it be made again next week. ‘nough said.

Result: Stuck with today’s plan!


I had said in the last post how I wanted a crispy tofu, hence the intro into the first ever meal plan. Result? This meal was amazing. It had great flavour and had a little dipping sauce on the side that we ended up pouring over the dish.

Result: Totally followed tonight’s meal and would eat it every. single. day.

This sauce had some kick, but next time I make it, I might even kick it up a notch more!


I knew this was going to be a quick meal day, but by quick I mean super quick. I threw this together in three minutes -flat- and rushed out the door to school. It was simple and was alright – not one of my star-worthy cold salads though.

Result: Somewhat unimpressed. I wish I would have taken the time to make a better wheatberry salad.


I know Angela’s recipes have never failed me before, but we had a friend over for dinner and serving something that I have not sampled beforehand still scares me a bit. In the end, it was a hit, and I was thanked for the meal 🙂

I know this doesn’t look appealing, but holy delish!

Result: Delish and a nice change for an easy meal!

I made sure to not use all the filling for the enchiladas that night because I needed it for the next day…


Leftover enchiladas over salad with the avocado cream sauce and daiya cheese was such a perfect and effortless meal – plus, tasted delicious.

And for the husband, he used the leftover mix and put it in a wrap.

Result: Leftovers were efficiently used 😉


Was suppose to be vegan split pea soup, but the inlaws were in town and then the husband’s sister-in-law, her husband and their two kiddies came to town, too, so we all did dinner.

We went to my fave local restaurant that practically knows my husband on a first name basis (and by that, I mean “the guy who loves their gazpacho”) and I’m the vegan wife. Super great food and great service. You know a restaurant is good when they change their menu daily. That’s right, daily.

Result: #fail – we ate out and did not follow the plan. But it was ok, because it was a nice catch-up time with fam and great food 🙂

Sunday aka today

Hmmm, what is this cooking away while I make a blog post?

You guessed right, split pea soup. It’s a rainy Sunday, so pizza is out the window, and soup is totally IN.

Result: Move over Sunday, Saturday’s meal is totally overpowering.

And there you have it. I think for a first meal plan week ever, it turned out pretty good. Probably better than next week, as you can see:

When Monday starts off with a ‘?’ you know it can possibly go bad. Tuesday’s suppose to Asian inspired, but when we went to the grocery store, there was no bok choy OR baby portabello mushrooms left, so that was a bummer. And, I think you’ve seen Wednesday’s idea before 😉

Thursday is shaping up to be ‘squash’ inspired. Going to the grocery store it was undecided, but we bought a spaghetti squash, so that pretty much settles it! Friday is a lentil loaf – I put two options because they both sound good and I might try and incorporate them both, if I can. As for Saturday, I’d love to do a chana dal, but man is it hard to find a good recipe. So, we’ll see what happens.

And Sunday, not even worth showing because it’s completely empty. Like I said, an amazingly easy plan for the week can turn into an amazingly difficult time for the next.

Do you meal plan? Have ideas for meals that weeks? Things you want to use that week? Ok, just tell me how organized you are for meals!


have a [meal] plan

When I should have been hard at work doing assignments and finishing up lab reports and doing every textbook reading I’ve managed to fall behind on, I was meal planning instead.

I realize it is now Monday, and that the week started today (or yesterday, depending on how you or your calendar likes it!), but with all the hecticness (word?) that’s been taking place over this last week, I’ve slipped up and hadn’t found time to post.

Of course this ‘lack of time’ is what fueled the idea to start meal planning in the first place. I’m organized in other areas of my life, but for some reason, not with meals. So, I took it upon myself (challenge accepted! – if you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother then you know what I’m talking about), to give this whole meal planning a ‘go’ and see if it worked for me.

The Plan

Because I have a tendency to make a list for everything, naturally, that’s where I started with the meal plan. I broke it down into 3 categories:

By distinguishing between what I already had to work with and what I wanted to have this week, it allowed me to narrow ideas down a bit. And then, as you can see, the last list is for groceries, which I put after the recipes were selected.

Note: when I say ‘meal planning’ I actually just mean dinner because the husband isn’t home for lunch anyways, dinners can be made into leftovers for lunch and I’m a pretty simple eater for most of the day. I also adding in a ‘comments’ spot so I could put notes for myself to help with dinner ideas for that particular day.

Monday: I have night class and still don’t really know where microwaves are on campus, so until I figure that out, I just bring cold meals (I tried bringing a warm meal on campus one time and just ate it cold and it was disgusting, so never again). So you can always guarantee Monday’s and Wednesday’s meals to be very, very simple.

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Red Onions (omitting the cranberries)

Tuesday: I am pretty excited for this one because I’ve wanted to make some crispy tofu for some time now. Since I don’t have school on Tuesday’s, I made sure to have a good meal for this night.

Pan Fried Tofu, Kale and Stir-Fried Noodles

Wednesday: Another cold meal day so I plan to just make a cold wheatberry salad with carrots, green onions, mango and whatever other veggies are in my fridge, served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Thursday: Angela’s amazing foods always manage to sneak into my mouth each week, so as soon as I saw the following recipe I knew the hubby would love it and would make great leftovers the next day!

Vegan Enchiladas with Cilantro Avocado Cream Sauce

Friday: Since I have school until 5:30pm today, which means I won’t get home until after 6pm, I decided that this was a no-cook night. Hence, the enchiladas the night before to be turned into leftovers served over salad. BOOM. Done!

Saturday: I was so excited about this meal (along with Thursday’s) because I had heard Colleen talk about this in one of her podcasts before. So, when I was googling for a good split pea soup recipe and saw hers posted, I knew what was on the menu this week! And if you don’t know who Colleen is, then check out my Read/Watch section. Oh, and I’m so excited to use liquid smoke for the first time. It smells amazing.

Vegan Split Pea Soup

Sunday: My hubby is a big pizza lover, and I knew I wanted to attempt making my own vegan pizza dough, so what better time than the first week of meal planning! I hope I can touch on my Italian side (read: I’m not Italian) for uno momento!

Perfect Vegan Pizza Crust

I’ll let you know how they turned out in a week!

Have an amazing Monday!

saturday run

I might not be the first to say this, but here it goes: Canadian weather is wonky. One day it’s sunny and warm(ish), while other days it’s cold and snowing. Yes, I realize it’s November AND I live in Canada, but when the weather goes from thin long-sleeves to coats and scarves, I’m not down. I am not down. So, when I got up yesterday morning and saw the sun shining and the temperature gauge reading a pretty decent number, I seized the opportunity!

I knew I wanted to get a longer run in regardless of the weather, but being sunny made it more doable. I don’t have any full-length tighter running pants (seriously?) so if it was cold, I would have been an icicle in just my crops. It was also time to bust-out the jacket – no more tanks, tee’s and thin long-sleeves :(.

Here was my running outfit for the day:

I actually ended up being a bit warmer during my run than planned, but luckily had a strong breeze at times to cool me down (and also tested my resistance – thanks, but no thanks, wind).

I had it set in my mind that I was going to run 7 miles this weekend. Now, I haven’t run (ran?) this long in a while. The most recent long runs I’ve been doing since running a half have been 6. I know it’s only a mile difference, but I was worried that I would have lost some of the endurance I had gained.


7 miles turned into 9…I love those days. I felt like a running roller coaster though – by this I mean that at times I felt like I was running at an average pace but it was way quicker than I thought, and other times I felt like I was running ok and it was actually way slower. I like the former the best 😉

The only thing that got me during this run was my right hip flexor. Nothing a little package of frozen fruit (rhubarb to be exact) can’t fix post-run (and stretching!)

Now it’s Sunday morning and I’m not uncomfortable-sore, but a good workout-sore, and that’s the feeling I was looking for! I love that the weather is still nice enough to put in a 9 mile run when it’s mid-November. I cannot complain. And neither should all of you. So get out there and have the most fantastic Sunday you can!

PS – I am SO (and still) fascinated with my Garmin running watch that the hubby got me for our anniversary. Does anyone else think technology is crazy?! How on earth does it sync to my computer through a little USB?! It just boggles my mind how crazy and cool techy things can be. You can call me a ‘loser’ now…I totally get it.

friday fave fives

If you’ve checked out Katie or Kate’s recent vlogs, then you know how absolutely adorable the both of them are. And since both their recent video’s are on food, I decided to combine them (Katie did her fave foods and Kate did her Friday fives), and make my Friday Fave Fives. (PS – I meant to post this sooner but had a midterm to write this evening!)

I won’t be sharing a vlog with you, because frankly, I wouldn’t even know where to start with shooting a vid…plus, it’s a little intimidating. But, I will show you in a post instead! Huhh, huhh 😉

1. Wasabi seaweed snacks

These are FAB! They’re so spicy and delicious. I love the fact that you get a ton of sheets of seaweed in the package, but they’re so low in calories!

2. Nutritional yeast

The husband I can’t get enough of it right now. With some melted Earth Balance on top of popcorn, it is so delicious!

3. Swiss chard

I really am a veg fanatic now, but this definitely has been my ‘go to’ for easy meals at school. I sautee it with some olive oil, garlic, onion and nutritional yeast, and it’s so addicting. So addicting that I want some more right now (yes, it was my dinner on campus tonight).

4. Alexia fries

I don’t eat these a lot just because salt in anything frozen gets to me and my mouth (I wish I could say the same about baked goods!), but I definitely love these and they’ve been the inspiration for my ‘homemade’ fries lately (read: have to use up potatoes before they go bad). Paired with some organic ketchup and it’s the perfect complement to lunch or even to eat as an afternoon snack.

And finally number 5.

Five is not actually a food, but the most important fave five there is…remembering.

Without these brave soldiers that fought to protect us, we would never have the chance to experience great food and great fortune. It is because of those men that we have the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities and express our freedom.

Thank you to those men and may we remember them. Their brave actions over 93 years ago will never be forgotton. Let’s make an effort to never forget.

I hope everyone has an amazing start to the weekend!



So, I felt like I was in a blogging slump, and was actually considering going on a bit of a hiatus. Then, I realized all I needed to do was find a way to get 26 hours in a day give my blog a facelift.

I was bored.

Bored with the layout (ie: the theme I had), my bio (this was a big one – I had thought about changing it for a while now), and pretty much all the tabs I was rocking at the top of my blog heading.

So I took the whole morning and revamped some of the things I knew I wouldn’t want to look at if I were a stranger coming by. Not that I intend to do this for anyone else – this blog has always been about what I want to write and what’s going on in my life. But, I knew I had to make a few changes.

This is intended to be a super short post (mainly because I did spend all morning updating my pages :P, but also because I need to start studying for my stats midterm tomorrow – holy procrastination).

So here are the changes that I’m pleased about and if you have anytime to take a look, I would really appreciate a comment – whether it’s feedback on them, or just to say that you looked!

My bio – this one was the biggest one I could possibly do. I changed everything (and honestly, hitting the ‘backspace’ key for everything I had previously written felt so good)

My read/watch section – I originally only had one book on this page that I shared, due to laziness, so I added another book and a movie as well – both of which I think you should check out!

Goals – I’ve added my November goals to this page (last month, I had written my October goals in an actual post, but this month, I decided to just put under the ‘goals’ page). That way I can easily expand on any I may have missed, or ones that I would like to carry over into the next month – so they can easily be viewed next to each other.

The other three tabs (wedding, food and workouts) have been updated slightly, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I feel good about the changes, and hope that they give you more insight to who I am, what I’m about, and what this blog is about.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday – and honestly, thank you for stopping by. It means the world to me!

fighting the winter blues

I know, I know…it’s hardly ‘winter’ and aren’t ‘blues’ a little too early?

I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately, they’re already starting to get to me. On Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s I get out of my one class at 5:20pm, and thanks to that finish time, my winter blues are in full swing.

5:20pm before daylight savings was alright; sun was still setting and was light enough out that I could walk across campus feeling safe. 5:20pm after daylight savings feels like midnight. On Monday, the moon was already out…the MOON!

So let’s just say, I’m not taking it too well 😉

Yesterday, although I was in a good mood to people, I didn’t feel good inside. I honestly felt like my body was sad – and I know it’s because of the time change and season change.

So, what can I do about it?!

1. Workout.

The hubs even said this himself yesterday when I was feeling blue: “you’ll probably feel better after you workout,” where I proceeded to proclaim…NO! But, he was right, I did feel a lot better last night after running. It might also had to do with the fact that I busted out a good interval run vs. just a steady pace, but lets just give him the credit instead 😉

2. Make majority of foods good and healthy ones.

I don’t know why it took me so long to make the connection that when I eat good, I feel good. I remember (in my younger days – sorry, just wanted to say it!) that I would eat bad and then immediately regret it (literally down to the second after finishing). Sometimes the husband would even try to prevent this from happening by saying, “you know if you eat that what will happen.” Yeah, yeah, once again he was right.

And this honestly goes hand-in-hand with #1 because at least if I’m eating good and can’t fit in a workout, then I still feel ok. Because I know when I used to eat like crap and maybe workout a bit, my self-esteem was crap and that definitely contributed to the winter blues.

3. Make time to do the things you love.

For me, right now, that means baking. I don’t know if it’s because I like the end result (eating copious amounts of cookies or cupcakes – but trust me, these count for #2 because I use “healthy sugars” – ok, so whatever, they aren’t technically healthy, but the amount of baked goods I do consume counteract the vast amount of veggies I also consume – I’m such a contradictory failure still, I know! – annnd, let’s see how long I can make this run-on sentence…).Today I made a point of sneaking in some time to bake cookies, since I completed an assignment. Balance is key, people!


This one honestly is the icing on the cake. If I can skip out on winter for even a week, this takes away the annoyance of winter for at least a few weeks following my return. Plus, it gives you something to countdown to if you do have a scheduled vacay in the future, like say, a cruise!

And honestly, even writing this post lifted my spirits a little bit.

And, if anyone can figured out how to delay the sky turning pitch black before 5:20pm, you can take my spot on that cruise ship!

Question of the day: How do you stay happy during the winter??


This is what I said on twitter not too long ago:

But, just to reiterate:


There we go…that feels better (my excitement is still bubbling though)!

There had been talk of a cruise in the works for a while with the hubby’s family, but we were never quite sure when it would work out. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to make it at all because of exams (originally when talk of the cruise came up, it was before I was in school and knew my schedule).

But, thankfully, the fam has worked it all around and I’m able to go now. My plan definitely was to get the heck outta Canada as soon as I wrote that last exam, anyways, but now with good reason 😉

Below is our voyage aka what I will count down to everyday now.

Our cruise port is in Florida, and here’s what I have to look forward to…

First stop: Turks and Caicos

Second stop: Puerto Rico

Third stop: St. Thomas

Fourth stop: Bahamas

And, from there, we go back to Florida.

I am beyond excited (and pretty embarrassed at how white my skin is and how much more white it will be by the time I get on this ship!). Can someone just fast forward through time (and write my exams for me:)), so I can get on this cruise?!?


Question of the day: Do you have any travel plans this winter? And if so, where?!