…Is what you think I’m doing to my blog, but this isn’t the case. I’ve actually been so busy, that now I’m boycotting all the things that made me that busy – even if that means they’re now complete. I know they still want me, but they can’t have me.

Things like:

Studying for the ‘Food Handlers’ course so I can work in the food industry in Ontario.

Writing the ‘Food Handlers’ test….47 out of 50, I think so!

Babysitting the niece and nephew.

Ok, I don’t boycott the niece and nephew, because how could you boycott these two cuties who love you more than their uncle. Oh yes, I went there.


Cute story. I babysat my niece and nephew yesterday and later that night after I had left, my niece, Ella, was asking how to draw the letter ‘C’ for Aunt Charmaine. What a doll.


I also boycott the amount of times I’ve sneezed today because that normally doesn’t mean good news for me. My max sneeze a day might be one…and I really mean ‘might.’ I blame the lack of sleep for all the sneezing. So yes, I also boycott lack of sleep.

Make that ‘amount of times I’ve sneezed today’ + one more. AHH! 

I (wanna) boycott chem, but let’s be honest…I just need to get it done.

And then there’s the things I can’t boycott:

The smoothie I so badly want (without the preparation).

Make that two smoothies.

My blog…because I like it :).

Getting gas for the jeep, while the prices rise into the ‘give you a heart attack’ zone.

Charging my phone, because the thing dies too quickly. I wish I could prove a point by not charging it, but how quickly that one backfires. Damn, technology.

Brown mustard seeds – which is what my recipe asked for last night, but instead, I bought yellow. Needless to say, I broke down and dinner was not successful or made at all for that matter. But I want that recipe for dinner tonight and I want it with the right ingredients. Let’s just say that the yellow mustard seeds can kiss my…

And last, what happened to my face. I offer anyone with suggestions to step forward. When I was washing my face last night, I noticed that around my chin and jawline, my skin feels bumpy (in a smooth way, if you can understand that) and tight (like it’s dry). I don’t know what caused this and how to get rid of it, which is why I can’t boycott this crap. Is it from eating something new? Something old? I don’t think it can be from any face products because nothing has changed there.

I think it’s time to soak up the feeling of not rushing. Feel free to do the same this weekend! 🙂

Since it’s the weekend, anything you are going to boycott for it?