rockin’ bakin’ workout

This is what I like to call accomplishment. You can workout while you bake. Pretty much the best combo to ever exist.

Here’s how it works…

You start by putting on your workout gear (otherwise it’s just not real) – omit the shoes though; it still needs to feel like baking.

Next, get in the kitchen and get your ingredients all lined up!

Now start baking! Items of choice: zucchini bread and strawberry oat bars!

Work those triceps while grating zucchini.

Do a few flour bag bicep curls.

Wait for your loaf to bake while holding a squat – peering into the oven!

I probably would have stayed there if my legs wouldn’t give out on me and watching something bake is about as interesting as your husband talking ‘golf’ with his friends.

And there you have it…with a few simple moves you, too, can incorporate an at-home workout/bake sesh all into one.

And if that wasn’t enough…get a little cardio in while waiting for your items to bake. We all know it takes at least 20 mins for something to bake. Unless we’re talking cookies, then in that case, drop and give me 20!

End result: hot buns bread and strawberry oat squares with a little upper + lower body workout action!

No need for a gym. Gyms are so for stay-at-home moms, who can now rightfully stay at home.

After a good bake/workout sesh, if that wasn’t enough, then do more! And then reward yourself by eating a big salad with leftover veggies and marinara sauce poured on top.

Now you never have to skip a workout again!

Q: How do you keep your workouts creative and fresh?


bar day

There’s nothing like turning to a bar in the middle of the day! It makes you feel great; a warm, fuzzy feeling comes over you.

A bar makes you want to drink something nice and refreshing. It makes you want to call your friends and come enjoy with you because it’s just not as fun alone. But, I mean I totally enjoy it alone all the time. In fact, being alone might actually be better…so scratch the friends. Please tell me you didn’t already call them!

Bars can increase your friendliness, and take it away just as quickly as it came. They can make you social, or make you want to tuck away in a corner. Bars can bring out so many different sides of you! Oh bars…

I just enjoy bars sooo much for all those reasons and might even call myself a baroholic.






And you thought I meant a place for drinking alcoholic beverages…silly readers! No, no, no! I do love the odd drink once in a while, but it’s normally not at the bar anymore…remember, I just turned ancient last Monday.

After tackling that to do list I set for myself today (I almost got all of it complete!), I came home and started on the bars. Today’s feature was Angela’s Strawberry Oat Bar and a date bar that I googled, and thought it looked like the best one.

I tell ya…Angela sure knows how to put together some amazing recipes; this one made my day and many others. I met the hubby at the gym after work and brought some bars for him and his friend.

Let’s just say, the bars will be making a reappearance. Maybe in different flava-flaves with summer coming!

The date bars I made were also delicious, but the focus of the pictures was definitely on these bad boys!

Good thing I accomplished the main goal of getting the groceries to make this possible. The ingredients for bars wasn’t the only thing I picked up…

I became an excited foodie today (or at least that’s what I’m calling myself); I found nutritional yeast at a price that I was actually willing to pay. Now, I’ve never used it before, but I tell ya, I can’t wait to use it, and I will find recipes!

Walnuts, gluten-free chips, new razor.

Broc, a few new larabars to spice up my selection, crispy, hard grapes (the only way I like ’em), pears and cilantro.

Rice chips, peppaaahhs (jalapeno and bell), an avo, green beans, rice cheese, onion, limes (for mojitos…not kidding), organic carrots, coconut milk, greek yogurt (honey flavour to die for!) and organic black beans for black bean burgers that I made tonight.

I, sadly, didn’t take any pics of the burgers tonight, but need to get a shot of the leftovers tomorrow because they were so delicious and could honestly keep me ever needing to eat meat!

Time to go enjoy time with the hubby – good thing for the bball game which allowed me to squeeze this blog post in ;)!


PS – Don’t forget about the new idea I will be sharing with you tomorrow!