going crazy

Was there ever something you knew you had to do in order to accomplish something else?

So, you kept going and going in hopes of accomplishing the said something sooner?

And, you went a little crazy in the meantime?

Welcome to my world.

I think I’ve officially crossed over into ‘Chem-Overload-Land.’ It kinda looks like this…

If only studying looked that pretty – I’d probably receive an award. This is the pre-crazy phase. The beginning, when you sip your tea and say, ‘this ain’t that bad.’

Is that really how gullible you are, pre-crazy Char? Because let me tell ya…

It. Gets. Worse.

I eventually moved upstairs to sprawl out on my bed…you know how that and studying go hand-in-hand.

For some odd reason today it actually did work.

I actually accomplished more than I had originally sent out to do! For this, I deserve a reward. And that reward is called a trip to the grocery store to get coconut milk. I treat myself well, I know.

And that my friends is what you need to do if you want to go (slightly) crazy. But, I know if I can just get through this and the final unit (+ write a final exam, no biggie), that I can enjoy my time study-free. So isn’t it worth a bit of craziness now?

Is there anything you have done that drove you to the point of breaking the sanity barrier?