a little bit about me

I wanted to make this post since as a new blogger you may not know what I’m about or even who I am. I also wanted to make this post because something awesome happened yesterday morning, but without background info, it may just seem kinda odd.

Hi, I’m Char.

I’ll try my best not to build myself up with tacky remarks, like, ‘I’m super cool’ (even though I am). 🙂

Let’s start with the basics – I have a birthday coming up next month, which kind of scares me. I’m hitting the big ‘2-5’ and have been experiencing my quarter of a life crisis since the new year hit. I bet you’re wondering why I’d be scared about turning 25? It has nothing to do with my personal life, since I already married the guy of my dreams (see how fitting the picture below is? :)).

excuse the bad colouring - it was scanned with an ancient printer.

Or that we took an awesome honeymoon.


And decided to extend our honeymoon by traveling further to Australia.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

The Grotto, Melbourne

Fraser Island

It didn’t even scare me that we moved there with nowhere to live and no clue how we were going to make money. None of that scared me, so why does turning 25 do that? It’s only a number, right?


It’s 25; the number that eeeeverybody freaks out over!! When you reach 25, you’re suppose to have accomplished a lot, figured yourself out and got it all together.

Perhaps there is where the panic sets in. I’ve got the guy. I’ve seen some of the world. I’ve gone to school. But I still don’t have the career (which for me is having yourself figured out and having it all together). The husband hates when I say that, because I am going back to school in the fall and will have the career I want after that. So in a few years, I’ll finally be doing what I want…NBD – let’s hope my brain understands that.

I’m not trying to stray away from what I mentioned above about something awesome that happened yesterday…I’m getting there. Be patient! So the hubby and I have been married for a year and a half. Part of that year and a half included going on the honeymoon and living in Australia for four months. When we returned, we drove out west (and basically across the country) to reside there for a little bit – hubby got a job out there, which inspired the move.

When we got back from Australia, we had no vehicle. So before we moved across country, that was the first thing we did – bought bikes. Kidding! We bought a jeep!!

This is where it gets interesting…

We successfully managed to share a jeep for over a year. I don’t know how we did it, but we did it with a lot of careful planning. Can you see where this story is heading? We got a second car yesterday! And that’s the excitement behind the whole story.

But there’s another twist. This is our temporary car. See, we actually bought a jetta, but it won’t arrive until beginning to middle of May, but we needed a car now. I just got a job.

It’s been a struggle for me since completing university (in 2008) to find a job that I actually really liked. I had a great job all through school, but it was one of those jobs that you could only have if you were in school. So, I had my go at other things, but nothing lead anywhere. Which is why I’m glad to finally be going back to school for what I want to do (application submitted yesterday!), and just recently found a job in a relatable field – residential community where I’ll be working in food services. I got the job last week, and we needed a car pronto, since the hubby works in the east, so only naturally would I get a job in the west. We’re so lucky that VW worked with us to give us a ‘loaner’ car until ours comes in!

And that’s me in a little nutshell. Life really is a journey and if you learn to accept what you’ve chosen for yourself, you’ll be much better off! I’m still learning, but I really wouldn’t trade my situation for the world!

Q: What great things have you done so far in your life that you’re proud of?