fun facts friday

I’ve seen this done before (*ahem* Chelsey), and it was about that time that I start doing it, too. Who doesn’t love some fun (random) facts on Friday?! I kinda love it, so let’s go!

1. Since my acorn squash soup is all gone now (sad face), I bought a pair of new wooly socks today. Don’t fret, I also bought the husband a pair, too.

2. I think I might have overdone it on the caffeine today – tea and then a latte. I might need an intervention soon, but anything under 600mg/day is still acceptable…right??

3. I’m happy to say that the snow from yesterday’s snowfall was hardly anything. This was yesterday afternoon:

And this morning was pretty much the same amount – commuter’s heaven when snow is minimal.

4. I did the worst thing possible today – brought a curry dish on campus and probably annoyed everyone within smelling range. I’m sorry people, but it was delicious.

5. Ok, I actually take back that apology because I’m not sorry that I finally found a microwave on campus thanks to a fellow classmate. For once, I got to enjoy a hot meal without succumbing to one of my goal‘s I had set back in September, vowing to never purchase a meal on campus since they already took enough money from me! Plus, who really suffered – me or them? I’m the one that had to walk around with garlic/curry breath all afternoon.

6. I have a thing for Sorel boots and want a pair ASAP.


7. I’ve had a mad sweet tooth for the past few days with no chocolate in sight – that’s about to change tomorrow. I’m making these (the best default cookie ever!) and might eat a few dozen too many.

8. I ran on Tuesday night for the first time in 2 weeks – it just about killed me, but felt so good and refueled the fire.

9. My next big purchase (besides Sorel boots) are to transition/switch to organic shampoo and conditioner. Compared with regular shampoo, I’d say it’s acceptable to call it a big purchase, like the boots :).

10. Tomorrow’s another new post of the once a week vegan!! Who is going to make one vegan meal a week?!!

Have a great weekend!


look what i got!

I now see why dedicated bloggers post at least once or twice a day…a lot can happen in that span! Since before yesterday’s post was on December 12th, I have a lot of catching up to do! There’s finishing my first full semester at school, going on a cruise, Christmas, traveling around Florida, New Year’s and the most obvious…talking about food along the way!

But, because all of those could be long and boring (minus the food, of course!), I’ll skip right to the good part; what Santa the husband got me for Christmas.

Now I know it has nothing to do with me being a good wife because I realize how much of a handful I can be. So, if it’s not because of that, then it must be because he wants something out of it…

Is your mind super in the gutter yet?

Well, then get it out!






He got me a KitchenAid stand mixer!!

And just for him, the very first thing I used it on was to make cookies!

I told you his intentions were somewhat self-benefiting. He got cookies, I got an easy and super cool way to make cookies. We’re both clearly #winning.

I’m pretty sure cookies and the stand mixer are a match made in heaven, too!

I put the cookies right by it’s bud, that way when the container’s empty, I’ll know what I need to do and where it needs to go. It’s somewhat of a vicious cycle 😉

I think I need to name my mixer – does anyone have a clever name for it?! I don’t think ‘bud’ will cut it.

Another ‘look what I got!’ is in favour of my nemesis…ok that might be a bit harsh, so let’s say, my ‘addiction.’

Some might immediately know where the congratulatory message is coming from and others might still be puzzled – if you’re the puzzled one you should pat yourself on the back and hope to never receive this in the mail!

It’s the Starbucks gold card (or GOLDMEMBER as I labelled it on my account online – I can name a card but not a mixer…who am I?!).

I shouldn’t say getting this card is all bad, it’s actually pretty good but it also signifies how many drinks I’ve actually gotten at Starbucks (with the help of my husband), and actually lets you know how many drinks you need to get in order to keep gold status – an evil countdown.

I was doing good with my consumption; I even set goals to keep my Starbucks spending in check, but somehow I still ended up with this little card – I blame the husband!

Question: Do you have any eating/drinking out habits that you need to break? If so, what are they!

fighting the winter blues

I know, I know…it’s hardly ‘winter’ and aren’t ‘blues’ a little too early?

I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately, they’re already starting to get to me. On Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s I get out of my one class at 5:20pm, and thanks to that finish time, my winter blues are in full swing.

5:20pm before daylight savings was alright; sun was still setting and was light enough out that I could walk across campus feeling safe. 5:20pm after daylight savings feels like midnight. On Monday, the moon was already out…the MOON!

So let’s just say, I’m not taking it too well 😉

Yesterday, although I was in a good mood to people, I didn’t feel good inside. I honestly felt like my body was sad – and I know it’s because of the time change and season change.

So, what can I do about it?!

1. Workout.

The hubs even said this himself yesterday when I was feeling blue: “you’ll probably feel better after you workout,” where I proceeded to proclaim…NO! But, he was right, I did feel a lot better last night after running. It might also had to do with the fact that I busted out a good interval run vs. just a steady pace, but lets just give him the credit instead 😉

2. Make majority of foods good and healthy ones.

I don’t know why it took me so long to make the connection that when I eat good, I feel good. I remember (in my younger days – sorry, just wanted to say it!) that I would eat bad and then immediately regret it (literally down to the second after finishing). Sometimes the husband would even try to prevent this from happening by saying, “you know if you eat that what will happen.” Yeah, yeah, once again he was right.

And this honestly goes hand-in-hand with #1 because at least if I’m eating good and can’t fit in a workout, then I still feel ok. Because I know when I used to eat like crap and maybe workout a bit, my self-esteem was crap and that definitely contributed to the winter blues.

3. Make time to do the things you love.

For me, right now, that means baking. I don’t know if it’s because I like the end result (eating copious amounts of cookies or cupcakes – but trust me, these count for #2 because I use “healthy sugars” – ok, so whatever, they aren’t technically healthy, but the amount of baked goods I do consume counteract the vast amount of veggies I also consume – I’m such a contradictory failure still, I know! – annnd, let’s see how long I can make this run-on sentence…).Today I made a point of sneaking in some time to bake cookies, since I completed an assignment. Balance is key, people!


This one honestly is the icing on the cake. If I can skip out on winter for even a week, this takes away the annoyance of winter for at least a few weeks following my return. Plus, it gives you something to countdown to if you do have a scheduled vacay in the future, like say, a cruise!

And honestly, even writing this post lifted my spirits a little bit.

And, if anyone can figured out how to delay the sky turning pitch black before 5:20pm, you can take my spot on that cruise ship!

Question of the day: How do you stay happy during the winter??