thursday thoughts

A good morning start is with inspiration in every tea bag (no joke).

I think I might slightly lean more towards the idea of buying this tea just for the little messages it leaves on the tea bag string. I mean, the tea is delicious, but who doesn’t love a little ‘thought of the day?!’

I also wanted to share my hair inspiration from the other night. Although I now associate this hair style with sweet, torturous pain (a la CrossFit), I’m sure good memories of it will resurface one day.

So what is it?!

It’s a ponytail.

It’s a braid.


This was not a perfect rendition of the braidtail, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea of what it should look like, had I not failed to do it straight (read: I had to rush out the door to pretty much get slapped around in the gym).

I think next time I’ll do it on an angle so I can have it over one shoulder.

Side view:

You too can wear this very nice braidtail and use it after your workout to dry your tears. Comes in pretty handy now, doesn’t it?

Katie had posted this really cute zebra video (which I now have the song stuck in my head #thankyouverymuch), so I wanted to post a youtube video as well, just to prove how cool I actually am, too.

The husband and I watched this one last night and although it’s not a funny situation, I was laughing to the point of crying. I’m sorry to all the people who actually were in this video. May your cars RIP.

Side note: I promise you I’m not a horrible person, but I was a little overtired last night and could have very well been the reason why I was laughing.

And finally, one last thing. If you’re a non-dairy milk lover, is this something you will be trying?! I’m sure it will take one billion years to make it’s way to Canada, but when it does, I will be inline to try it! (psst, it’s flax milk in case you didn’t click the link).

Here is the ingredient list for the three different flavours of the flax milk.

Another side note that’s very important: I do NOT recommend males drinking this type of milk since it has flax oil in it opposed to flax seeds. Flax oil (unlike the seed) should not be consumed by males, since it has been positively linked to enlarged prostate.

Tell your male friends!


My favourite non-dairy milks include (in order of popularity):

  • unsweetened almond milk (by Silk!)
  • dark chocolate almond milk (by Silk! again)
  • soy milk – preferably unsweetened and organic
  • coconut milk (but not in Canada since they do not yet have the rights to fortify their milk here…yet)

I’m hoping the flax milk might make it on there one day!

Those are my Thursday thoughts. Have a great day!



Check out these strands…

Tomorrow they will no longer be faded and dark.


It is a million degrees outside today, and since I started a new workout plan, I would like to say that I’m adding some physical activity towards today’s date…but realistically, going to work and even moving for that matter is enough of a workout for today. My priority is to stay hydrated.

Q: How hot is it where you are today? Give me numbers!!!