my wallet hates me

Hello guys! Happy Tuesday to everyone. Might I just add quickly that my fave part about Tuesday’s is the fact that it’s cheap night at the movies! Does anyone else have this in their area? For us, it means something like $4.50 movie prices – and how can you argue with that? That’s right, you can’t! I know my hubby would hit up the movies every Tuesday, if it weren’t for work…and if my wallet didn’t hate me for the following!

If you read my last post then you know that we were taking a trip to Buffalo, NY to do some shopping. Even though the money we used for this excursion was set aside, it still is hard for me to cope with. If you’re laughing right about now and asking if I get anxiety, the answer is yes.

This is why I need the husband to reassure me a million times that:
a) what I bought was ok;
b) it was worth the trip to get the things; and,
c) I look good in the stuff I bought (hey, I need to make sure a) and b) make sense!)

Anxiety aside, here’s a look at our little getaway:

The first hotel:

A special little something we saw in between the hotel buildings:

Where we ate dinner (on the 7th floor, facing the falls!):

A craaaazy hotel (still boggles my mind whoever created this):

Some drinks while we wait for our table…yes, please!

The view from the restaurant overlooks the falls, but lack of sitting at a closer table and constant mist coming off the falls made this pic not so easy to tell where we are (sorry!):

Niagara Falls shot fail #2:

Some parrot action:

Burning off dinner:

Nutso parrot swinging back and forth like it’s his thang:


Downtown at the falls:

Doesn’t the BK look pretty cool?!

Successful falls shot #1 (crossing the border into the states):

Hotel #2:

The damage:

I also picked up some Luna bars in flavours that we don’t have in Canada.

The foodie in me wanted to buy 10 of each flavour (including other flavours that I didn’t buy and haven’t tried either), but the sensible shopaholic (total oxymoron, I know) in me, said just buy a few…then make a trip back over the border in a few weeks, if need be haha.

All in all, I got some good stuff, but a girl could always use more 😉 – especially if it’s not as my wallet’s expense.

Questions of the day:

What are your fave stores?
What are some of the best deals you’ve gotten/seen this year?
Abercrombie and Hollister both had 50% off jeans.
If you had $2000 to spend at a mall, how would you spend it? 
Definitely some shoes, a nice blazer, dress, casual T’s, dress tops, and workout gear


6 Comments on “my wallet hates me”

  1. Haha it’s always hard when you drop money on things but just think about how much fun you will have wearing some new digs 😉

    Both hotels look SO NICE! I hope you guys enjoyed your vacation!!

    My fave stores: Loft, Nordstrom, J Crew
    I got 2 for 1 Joe’s Jeans at an outlet
    Gosh – I would probably spend it on cute casual clothes, a couple nice outfits, shoes, and a new purse 🙂 OH – and probably on more baby clothes haha

  2. amandasvids says:

    I love The Loft, The Gap, and Banana Republic for all of my classic stuff. Then I throw in a little Forever 21 and Aldo for accessories or to add a little personality to my wardrobe.
    For steals and deals I love Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Target.
    And if I had $2000 I would buy some fun dresses, a nice watch, and a pair (or three!) of Toms shoes!

  3. YAY – looks like you had a great time and scored some awesome deals!
    I do the same thing too, are you sure i should have bought that? Do you really think i needed it? What if i find something i like better? LOL
    My favourite stores are usually banana republic, jcrew and nine west (the outlets always have great deals on their shoes!) and seriously there is a store in the Fashion Outlets in Niagara Falls NY that sells Uggs for about half of what they cost in Canada!
    Love the hotels and those Luna flavours sound amazing – my grocery store has about 3 flavours, booo 🙂

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