joining the club

I took the plunge and I’m joining the club. I honestly meant to make this post last week, but I misread the directions and saved it for this week instead.

Tip: always read thoroughly. Do not skim through things!

I’m sure you know what I’m finally joining…WIAW!


Granola with almond milk


Grape Kombucha

Chocolate and pretzel bar

Acai + strawberry + banana + cranberry smoothie (with almond milk and organic flax oil)


Mixed green salad with roasted beets and sweet potatoes + cuke + tomaters + garlic + sunflower sprouts + peppers + salt with balsamic vinegar (heated on the stovetop to reduce and sweeten it)


Workout today:

Beach Body Boot Camp

My stats:

The Moves

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Circuit One Squat/Row 18 20 20
Push-up with leg lift 14 16 17
Alternating V-ups 8 9 9 (9.5)
Lunge with chop 13 15 17
Circuit Two Deadlift with lat pull 11 12 12
Line jump with press 14 15 17
Rolling plank with knee tuck 11 13 16
Side lunge with ball sweep 13 15 17

monday funday!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m having a great Monday! I woke up to the sun shining and a surprising forecast that didn’t call for rain (for once)!

I wasn’t working today, and the husband works in the afternoon because he had somewhere to be this morning, and gladly invited me along :D!

In case you may not know, my husband is a golf pro – this means he works at a golf course (and a pretty nice one at that!), with a passion for teaching. This is his first year at a golf course where he actually gets some amazing perks – today was one of those perk days.

This morning my husband went for a club fitting at a golf course in Oakville, Ontario for new TaylorMade golf clubs. In hubby’s eyes: this is ahhhh-mazing.

In foodie’s eyes: it’s like getting a gift card with unlimited amount of funds on it to shop at Whole Foods. You get it now, don’t you 😉

From the moment we arrived, the husband was  like a little kid on Christmas morning. He was so happy. And I don’t know about you, but I get pure enjoyment out of him being that happy.

Just look at this face…

We actually arrived early (like a kid waking up early on Christmas – see the connections!), so he had time to hit some balls on the driving range.

I’m going to be brief with the writing and just show you the collection of photos from today instead.

Basically, I’m like the paparazzi. And I’m sorry if this may bore you because honestly, golfing isn’t something I partake in normally, but this was pretty cool. Just amuse me!

Here he is warming up.

Someone had to hop in and ruin the picture!

A nice warm welcome to…

Seat fit for a princess (aka: me).

Suiting up for swing analysis. Think: Pixar movies and turning humans into animated characters.

Taking it outside.

New clubs are ordered and they arrive in a week. Husband won’t be able to sleep a single night until they come!

Best part was getting to hang out with him this morning and afternoon. Another close second is going to Whole Foods. In Ontario they are far and few between, so being in Oakville (one of the few locations) meant me googling the distance from the golf course to the Whole Foods – lucky for me, it was a 10min drive away.

We stopped quickly for some snacks and drinks, then were on our way!

He’s now headed to work and I must continue on with this fun day! But, before I go, a few eats from my weekend + some from today:

Roast potatoes with rosemary.

Spinach salad with avo, carrots, cucumber, chickpeas, kidney beans, nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds.

Angela's newest overnight oats!

Berries and cherries!

My very first cold kombucha drink (purchased at WF)

Roasted veggie and goat cheese pizza on a wholegrain crust.

Plus, some un-pictured fresh salads from WF – one was a purple and green kale salad with lemon dressing and second was a quinoa salad with sweet potatoes and spinach in a ginger-soy dressing. Both were SO good.

Q: If you have a significant other, what are some of the things they do that you go along with because you know it makes them happy?

one of those days

I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day today. I didn’t have enough time to do chem. I didn’t have enough time to get groceries and make some sweet protein bars. I didn’t have enough time to make snacks before work…ok, I did, but didn’t have enough time to eat them. Where did the time go? I swear I wasn’t moving slow today…I actually tried to move quite quickly!

And I can’t say that I fueled myself improperly, because it’s nearly impossible when you eat this:

That’s right…peanut butter and jam oatmeal – as delish as it sounds! All I did was add some PB, (blackberry) jam, a little maple syrup, and slivered almonds. Fantastic!

After I ate, I did some chem, then headed to the grocery store. I only say this because I’m completely comfortable in my marriage. But, if the hubby wasn’t my amazing love (build him up, right?), this would be it:

The pomegranate. I don’t know why, but this magical superfood gets me. Like really gets me. It keeps me from getting sick and taste so delicious. We haven’t been able to find them in the grocery store for a few months now and have been going crazy! Until today. I would have bought fifty five, but ‘budget Char’ told me to only buy one.

The hubby and I have a theory that this little bit of awesomeness is the reason we weren’t getting sick. When we were in Florida with the hubby’s family back in December, everyone else got sick but us, you know why? We ate pomegranates everyday. I stand by this statement 1000000000%.

After I came home from the grocery store and ate half the pomegranate in like two seconds, I knew I had to make my lunch for work. It was a close call to finishing that pomegranate over making a lunch, but ‘longterm Char’ thought it best to make the lunch and learn a little thing called ‘self-control.’

I prepared my lunch for that evening, not knowing when I would eat it, since it was first day of work and all. I also didn’t know if I would have the chance to take pics of my food without looking like a weirdo, so I decided to just take the pic while I prepared it.

For my salad I did spinach, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, vegan cheese, black beans and edamame. Not pictured, is the sweet potato hummus I topped it with. It turned out awesome – mainly because I’m hooked on the sweet, sweet taste of sweet potatoes right now.

So I made a lunch and with little time to spare needed something to give me the boost I needed before the first day of training at work. This did the trick:

I did a mixed berry smoothies with vanilla protein powder. It’s always a safe bet and taste delicious. I sipped on this on my way to work. Good thing I brought it with me because I barely ate my whole shift. Since I’m in dietary services, the job at night involves serving the meals, but since it’s such a short  and time consuming shift, you don’t get breaks. So I hadn’t eaten since 2:30pm and worked until 7:30pm. To make matters worse, I work with food! Next time I’ll know better and bring a snack with me in my pocket or something!!

Since I work in long-term care, you hear some interesting stories about the residents. Too bad some of them are PG and beyond the level of boundaries I offer on this blog :D. Although, I do hope there are a few that I’ll be able to share…even if they only bring a few laughs! i forgot to mention that I work in the Dementia unit, so it is very interesting in terms of what they eat – a lot of minced and purees.

Time for bed, I have a Dementia training course tomorrow that I’m attending!!

Q: What’s one food that you would die for right now that you haven’t had in a while?