easter takeover

I’d like to attribute my neglect to the blogging world over the past day and a half due to the fact that Easter takes priority. Since Easter = family and most of my hubby’s fam (sister and boyfriend, mom and dad) live nearly 6 hours away, we squeeze in as much time as we can get when they’re in town.

On Friday, we ventured over to the sister’s house after the hubby finished work…I should really start using names because I can see this being VERY confusing. We feasted on lasagna and salad that night, and the Easter meal was set for Saturday night. I’m glad I ran for an hour earlier that day because Easter really is a bully to your waistline HA!

The hubby had Saturday off (the one and only day that week :(), so we hung around in the morning before heading back to the sis’s. Let me just note: I never noticed how much stuff I put into smoothies…can someone say cutbacks?

This doesn’t even include the protein powder, which I forgot to picture here! After the smoothie (which wasn’t a hit for me – I added too much ‘green’ to mine), I did a bit of running around. I finally picked up something I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate PB!

First response, was to eat it on my fingers an apple! Although, I couldn’t resist and DID taste test on my way home. I was just happy that after Friday’s incident, all the stores were open today, so I could grab the few things I wanted.

Later that afternoon, we took the scenic route to the sis’s house. I really did enjoy living on the west coast, but I do love the country area around Ontario…specifically a little place called Hockley + getting to enjoy driving with the hubby! We detoured a bit when I saw a sign for maple syrup, and this is what I got.

I was happy.

When we got to the sister’s house we hung out and the niece and nephew had a mini-easter egg hunt.

They found them all…with a little help ;). That night we had delicious ham! I’ve been trying to eat less meat lately, but still had a small piece of ham, and was glad I did! After din, we hung out and played some games.

Today I managed to squeeze a 40 minute run in, since the dinner’s continue! The hubby’s working, but hopefully won’t miss too much of the evening.

But it’s time to go since the grandparents just arrived! HAPPY EASTER!!!!