I know we all struggle with dilemmas on (almost) a daily basis. Here was/are my dilemmas today:

Trying to not eat all of these:

Figuring out if I should run.

Kicking this cutie off of me so I can run.

Finishing chemistry unit.

Finally finding a name for a blog that I actually like and will stick with.

Figuring out how to actually make a nice blog (then maybe the name itself won’t feel like such a big deal).

What to make for dinner (whether it’s for dinner or not – soup is definitely being made today…following chem work + running + cuddling with cute cat).

Finding new and exciting info about healthy food. I need some new books, websites, magazine…any help, people?!

Blow-dry my hair or let air dry.

Get more water (although that’s not as much of a dilemma as it is an obligation – need it to survive, ha).

I could probably go on for much, much longer, but then I’d be majorly interfering with the dilemmas at hand.

And, this is why I’m now ‘Char on a Mission,’ because aren’t we all on a mission? Yours might be spiritual or work-related or anything really! Or maybe it changes on a daily basis. The point is, we’re all on missions. And I’m enjoying my dilemma-filled one right now!

What dilemmas are you facing today?