weekend recap

So, it’s Monday and I haven’t blogged all weekend. I suck. I blame the nice weather and going down to Toronto yesterday…what crappy things to be doing instead of blogging, right?

Will a little weekend recap make it better?

9am-1pm: little sis, husband and I watched mine and the hub’s niece and nephew. Jen, my little sis, is in her prime for babysitting and always wants to babysit the niece and nephew, so that’s exactly what happened. Good times. No one got hurt and diapers got changed.

1pm onward: watching the Masters (obviously…I married a golf pro!) and going to friends’ to bbq! No pictures were taken because frankly, I forgot. Totally need someone to be my camera man. Apply below.

Is this legal for Sunday mornings?

To see 7:15am?

It seems only me, the husband (who had just left for work – yes, I know it’s Sunday, but remember, he’s a golf pro and there’s nothing normal about the days/hours they work) and this cutie were up.

This is him beginning to move towards me as I take the picture.

Since I was up, what better thing to do than eat. So, I made it worth it:

Classy ladies take picture of just one waffle pretending that’s all they ate, when they really they made several. Crap! I just gave away the secret.

I knew the afternoon was going to be hectic, so I (naturally) watched some How I Met Your Mother before studying some more chem. I needed the show to ‘warm’ me up…or at least that’s the story I’m going with!

Ok, so fast-forward to the lovely afternoon; sun is shining, weather is finally cooperating and I’m on my way to meet the husband so we can head to Toronto for the Raptors game!

Remember: tickets c/o a member at the course the hubby works at.

There was only one slight dilemma; the game started at 6pm, but the Masters was wrapping up around then, too. So once we made it to the ACC, we went across the street to this humungous sports bar, and watched the ending. I wonder who won…

Oh, right, Charl won. How could I forget with the massive TV overlooking the whole bar! I joke, folks.

Then, it was onto the next sporting event. {Insert husband in guy heaven}.

Our seats were pretty awesome for freebies.

I would post a pic of the hubby and I at the game, but the lighting was terrible!

And that, my friends is how my weekend went. I can’t complain one bit.

Luckily the nice weather didn’t end there, it’s still continued into today. So I gladly ran some errands and wore shoes that didn’t require socks!

Happy Monday!

PS – today I went through the fridge, to see what new items I needed to pick up, and came across this:

Is it normal to have this much cheese in one fridge? I think we might need intervention. Any cheesy recipes? haha

What was your favourite part about the weekend?



I know we all struggle with dilemmas on (almost) a daily basis. Here was/are my dilemmas today:

Trying to not eat all of these:

Figuring out if I should run.

Kicking this cutie off of me so I can run.

Finishing chemistry unit.

Finally finding a name for a blog that I actually like and will stick with.

Figuring out how to actually make a nice blog (then maybe the name itself won’t feel like such a big deal).

What to make for dinner (whether it’s for dinner or not – soup is definitely being made today…following chem work + running + cuddling with cute cat).

Finding new and exciting info about healthy food. I need some new books, websites, magazine…any help, people?!

Blow-dry my hair or let air dry.

Get more water (although that’s not as much of a dilemma as it is an obligation – need it to survive, ha).

I could probably go on for much, much longer, but then I’d be majorly interfering with the dilemmas at hand.

And, this is why I’m now ‘Char on a Mission,’ because aren’t we all on a mission? Yours might be spiritual or work-related or anything really! Or maybe it changes on a daily basis. The point is, we’re all on missions. And I’m enjoying my dilemma-filled one right now!

What dilemmas are you facing today?