back at it!

Today marked the start of my second semester back at school. Snow was working on my side (temperature, we have to work on you a liiiittle more) as I got back in routine of my 40 minute commute.

My day kinda looked like this:

First up was ‘Introductory Foods’ and that was just what it was – an introduction. That’s the thing I love about the first day back…is it really a first day back? Hardly ever do the prof’s get right into the lecture. Heck, more than half the people haven’t even bought their books yet, let alone are preparing to learn the first day. We got the handout, went over the important numbers and dates, then did an outline of what the course is going to look like. Voila – 50 minutes gone, just like that!

Now, has anyone ever signed up for a course to take, whether mandatory or not, not having the slightest clue on what it’s about?! Please tell me I’m not alone…

Insert ‘Introductory Foods’ – do you know what it’s about?! I took a guess and figured it was about going over the food basics. Hardly.

It’s got some elements of chem and math involved and the class average is between 65-70% with a failure rate of about 6%!!! You know what I’ll be studying for…apart from the chem and stats – so basically my other courses.

Next up was the lab component of ‘Introductory Foods.’ I chose the Monday lab section because
a) I want to get any lab (no matter what the course) out of the way as early in the week as I can
b) I’d like to pile up Monday, so that Wednesday and Friday’s are a ‘breeze’ (and by breeze I mean, just attending lectures accompanied by a few ‘huh?’s since I don’t grasp the material from the overloaded Monday)

The fun part about an ‘Introductory Foods’ lab is that you actually get to make food. It is dedicated to you learning how to prepare food. The not-so-fun part about lab is that it’s hardly vegan friendly. In fact, I’m the only vegan in the class…awkward. Oh and did I mention that all the recipes from today were not vegan. And, I looked ahead at upcoming labs and I can eat about 1 out of 20 recipes.

This, I don’t mind because it doesn’t bother me to eat before, but I’m not a fan of being the only one not going up with a plate to get food. I’m not big on being singled-out…or of the questions. Those dreaded questions that follow you telling someone you’re vegan.

Is it a personal choice?
What can you eat?!
Why are you vegan?

Gaaaaah! Oh well, at least all my lab partners know now! So looking forward to upcoming labs of eggs, milk and cheese, meat i and meat ii…not.

After that I was moving onto Chemistry…my exbestfriend. Now remember that thing I said above about prof’s not getting right into lecture the first day…well, I lied. This one caught me off-guard and actually began teaching after going over the outline – how dare he!

Needless to say, I didn’t print the notes and was writing them on the back of my class schedule. Win

And finally, was onto Stats. Lucky for me it’s right across the hall from Chem – I coulda crawled there and still made it on time to class. I love when it works out that you’re not hustling across campus!

This prof is going to be really good, I can already tell! She took majority of the time going over course stuff, but had she decided to start right into lecture like Mr. Chemistry, I would have been prepared because she took the liberty of printing 56 pages of lecture notes to get us started. Ultimate win.

After that I quickly sped home to heat up my leftovers and hit up some yoga, as it’s one of my goals for the new year (speaking of goals, I should probably post those soon!)

Sorry for the pictureless post, but it’s kinda like me going to school sans notes (damn you, Chemistry – yes, I hold a grudge).

Question of the day: Are you back to your routine of work or school for the new year? I know I’m not entirely there yet…


spring cleaning

After eating meal upon meal this past weekend, I decided that my body needed a spring cleaning. Although, it’s hard to resist the mini eggs and anything chocolate (basically), I did my best and well…kinda succeeded. Breakfast started out with some fruit and water, since I needed it back in my life! I think my body knew it was time for some spring cleaning, because I wasn’t very hungry to start.

Later, I found it best to have a green smoothie; I mixed frozen berries, kefir, flax oil, milk, vanilla protein powder and 2 handfuls of spinach up in the magic bullet and enjoyed. It’s definitely what my body needed after eating all that food that weighs you down.

I was a little devious in the afternoon and did have some jellybeans (oops!), but in all honesty, the studying made me do it! I was trying to cram in as much chem as I could yesterday. My goal was to have all my units completed by Sunday, which didn’t work out so well with this weekend being Easter and all. I only had two units left to do, so thankfully, I got through one and a half, and am finishing the last part up today!

Side note: I forgot to include the Easter cupcakes my sister and I made and I have to show you…well, because they’re pretty!

easter cupcakes anyone?!

I even turned one into a flower in hopes that Mother Nature would get the hint to bring spring to Canada!

Studying consumed me yesterday, so I didn’t really prep anything for dinner. The hubby had leftover turkey, but I wasn’t feeling it. I opted for a big salad and a side of cauliflower with cheese sauce.

Because I’m trying to cut out meats, I really need some high protein alternatives…suggestions?!?

I work through dinner tonight, so, again, I won’t have anything planned, which bums me out because I love to cook. And I’m definitely back in my cooking slump :(.

I’ve continued the spring clean by snacking on some fruit again this morning.

But, now my belly wants something else! Time to hop to it + tackle my mean ‘to do’ list before I have to go into work.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

again and again

The weather just doesn’t surprise me time and time again, you’d think it would. I woke up to this today:


It’s honestly what I’ve come to expect from living in Canada. Almost May…who cares, let it be cold and snowy! So, can someone just take me back to here:

I don’t think a trip to Florida is too much to ask!

To warm me up, I had the same oats as yesterday – PB &J! I think I would have enjoyed them a little more if I wasn’t rushing out the door to go to training. The real bummer with that, was someone told me yesterday that training started at 8:30am, but it was actually 9am. I coulda used the extra 30 mins in bed. I was just dead tired sitting there the whole day…NBD!

What did Dementia training entail? Well, you definitely learn a lot about the different diseases, how family copes with it and how to work with them. It’s pretty interesting and also very scary at the same time. It really put in perspective what they’re going through and hopefully I can apply that to my job in a manner that serves them better.

Even though it’s a disease they have no control over, they aren’t stupid, and that was the message I really got today. Sometimes they just want to feel included or useful. I know I only serve them their meals, but I think even when I interact with them in those 30 mins that I will try my best to just talk to them and get to know them as people!

Training was suppose to finish at 5pm, but we were done by 3:30pm – always a bonus! I love going home early!

I have Easter weekend off (thank you boss!) so I really have to get through chem tomorrow so I can make fun Easter cupcakes with the little sis!

Q: What do you do with your family & friends for Easter?

We’re going to the hubby’s sister’s tomorrow, to eat with his sis, her husband and our niece and nephew and the hubby’s parents are in town, too! Then My fam on Saturday or Sunday…still up in the air!

PS – I’m totally addicted to smoothies. I had another mixed berry smoothie with vanilla protein. Why do they have to taste soooo good?!?


…Is what you think I’m doing to my blog, but this isn’t the case. I’ve actually been so busy, that now I’m boycotting all the things that made me that busy – even if that means they’re now complete. I know they still want me, but they can’t have me.

Things like:

Studying for the ‘Food Handlers’ course so I can work in the food industry in Ontario.

Writing the ‘Food Handlers’ test….47 out of 50, I think so!

Babysitting the niece and nephew.

Ok, I don’t boycott the niece and nephew, because how could you boycott these two cuties who love you more than their uncle. Oh yes, I went there.


Cute story. I babysat my niece and nephew yesterday and later that night after I had left, my niece, Ella, was asking how to draw the letter ‘C’ for Aunt Charmaine. What a doll.


I also boycott the amount of times I’ve sneezed today because that normally doesn’t mean good news for me. My max sneeze a day might be one…and I really mean ‘might.’ I blame the lack of sleep for all the sneezing. So yes, I also boycott lack of sleep.

Make that ‘amount of times I’ve sneezed today’ + one more. AHH! 

I (wanna) boycott chem, but let’s be honest…I just need to get it done.

And then there’s the things I can’t boycott:

The smoothie I so badly want (without the preparation).

Make that two smoothies.

My blog…because I like it :).

Getting gas for the jeep, while the prices rise into the ‘give you a heart attack’ zone.

Charging my phone, because the thing dies too quickly. I wish I could prove a point by not charging it, but how quickly that one backfires. Damn, technology.

Brown mustard seeds – which is what my recipe asked for last night, but instead, I bought yellow. Needless to say, I broke down and dinner was not successful or made at all for that matter. But I want that recipe for dinner tonight and I want it with the right ingredients. Let’s just say that the yellow mustard seeds can kiss my…

And last, what happened to my face. I offer anyone with suggestions to step forward. When I was washing my face last night, I noticed that around my chin and jawline, my skin feels bumpy (in a smooth way, if you can understand that) and tight (like it’s dry). I don’t know what caused this and how to get rid of it, which is why I can’t boycott this crap. Is it from eating something new? Something old? I don’t think it can be from any face products because nothing has changed there.

I think it’s time to soak up the feeling of not rushing. Feel free to do the same this weekend! 🙂

Since it’s the weekend, anything you are going to boycott for it?

going crazy

Was there ever something you knew you had to do in order to accomplish something else?

So, you kept going and going in hopes of accomplishing the said something sooner?

And, you went a little crazy in the meantime?

Welcome to my world.

I think I’ve officially crossed over into ‘Chem-Overload-Land.’ It kinda looks like this…

If only studying looked that pretty – I’d probably receive an award. This is the pre-crazy phase. The beginning, when you sip your tea and say, ‘this ain’t that bad.’

Is that really how gullible you are, pre-crazy Char? Because let me tell ya…

It. Gets. Worse.

I eventually moved upstairs to sprawl out on my bed…you know how that and studying go hand-in-hand.

For some odd reason today it actually did work.

I actually accomplished more than I had originally sent out to do! For this, I deserve a reward. And that reward is called a trip to the grocery store to get coconut milk. I treat myself well, I know.

And that my friends is what you need to do if you want to go (slightly) crazy. But, I know if I can just get through this and the final unit (+ write a final exam, no biggie), that I can enjoy my time study-free. So isn’t it worth a bit of craziness now?

Is there anything you have done that drove you to the point of breaking the sanity barrier?

matcha green tea goodness

Ok, I only have time for a quick post, as I got distracted today and didn’t quite accomplish as much chemistry as I had set out to do. But that’s alright! I won’t let it stop me from reaching my goal of finishing a unit this week. The more I read, the sooner I get this class outta my life!

One of my distraction’s was running; I ran a lovely 6.47 miles. So what better thing to have after a nice run than a nice smoothie!

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie

Hold the protein bar, will ya!

green goodness!

whey protein powder (I used just under 2 tbsp)
1 tsp matcha green tea powder (I use this one)
1.5 tsp unsweetened shredded coconut
dash of honey for sweetness (or any other sweetener such as maple syrup or agave)
8-10 ice cubes
1-2 cups of unsweetened coconut milk

Combine all ingredients together in a magic bullet/blender and enjoy!

I might add a banana next time to form a better smoothie ‘paste’ as I basically just sucked all the goodness out of the ice, but I just didn’t want banana in it this time!

I’ve also tried adding vanilla frozen yogurt and that makes it reeeeally nice!

If it does get really chunky, just add more coconut milk, because who doesn’t love a little more coconut milk!

I’d like to apologize for the crappy picture of the actual smoothie (ie: camera on phone), as the hubby stole our only camera to use at his golf lesson today. We all know what I’m asking for, for my birthday!

Well, time to go shower, so I can get a bit more chemistry done before dinner. Dinner is looking like it’s going to be a quinoa salad (based on what ingredients I have waiting for me in the cupboard and fridge) and maybe a small batch of broccoli and cheese soup! Then the hubby and I will try and squeeze in a workout later tonight.

What are your favourite smoothie flava-flaves?!