It’s my husband’s birthday today!!! So, for my post, I decided to make it all about him. He’s the big 2-8 today and for that, I’m going to list 28 reasons why he’s the best! In no necessary order….

1. He’s an awesome sportsman.


Basketball. Soccer. Tennis {the list continues}. He’s well-rounded, folks!

2. He’s an amazing golf teacher.

3. He loves food (especially southern). A reason why we get along so well!

4. He likes to work on his fitness (I guess you’d have to after all that pulled pork).

5. He has goals!!! And he’s not afraid to reach them!

6. He’s the reason I know good great guys do exist!

7. He’s super positive (and really helps me when I’m in slumps).

8. His birthday and mine are basically soulmates: 05/16 (me) + 06/15 (him) –> and yes, this is definitely a reason that makes him the best.

9. He’s outgoing (which is the perfect balance to my introverted self).

10. He’s my travel buddy 🙂 His family actually calls him the ‘gypsy’ and I’ve definitely taken on this role as well!

11. He genuinely cares.

12. He’s so strong.

13. He’s not afraid to admit his flaws (he just wasn’t born to spell)!

14. But, writing aside, he’s an amazing speaker (while conveying the message just wasn’t something I was born to do).

15. We have fun together!

16. He’s agreeable – and yes this usually works to my advantage 😀

17. He somehow puts up with my shenanigans – and trust me, there are many!

18. He supports my life decisions – even if that means me being a student for another few years.

19. He would eat anything I make – I mean anything.

20. He’s my dream man.

21. He loves me for who I am.

22. He has one of the best memory’s out of anyone (he remembers to do things way more than I do).

23. He makes me laugh – I love our jokes.

24. He would do anything if it meant making it easier on me – for this, I am so grateful.

25. He thanks me way more than I deserve to be thanked.

26. He is dependable.

27. He makes me so happy.

28. He somehow chose me to marry and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Happy birthday, tyler! You are the best!!!


the way i roll

I figured out that there’s no ‘perfect’ way for me to be a blogger. Some weeks I’m right into it, posting and reading other blogs almost every hour of the day. Other weeks, I’m MIA and my Google Reader number could give you a hernia.

It’s just the way I roll.

I like being more involved in the blog world and keeping up-to-date with what other bloggers are doing, but sometimes you just need to say no to technology. This week I worked 52 hours…and I’m not quite there yet; I have another 7 to go tomorrow. This meant technology needed a break while I bashed my head into a wall for working 10 straight days in a row.

You can kinda see how blogs just didn’t fit in. My little extra time was devoted to the husband (can’t blame a girl) and sleeping, which if it weren’t for it, I might have killed someone at work…just kidding.

So for my absence, I need to go back. Last post was on Sunday, aka the day before my big 25th birthday. NBD…it was on a Monday AND I had to be up at 4:45am the next day. All the essentials for a non-partying night.

After an 8 hour day of orientation (so you caught me, those 52 hours weren’t ALL spent working), I came home, relaxed with the hubby, then he took me out for a nice dinner.

We went to a local restaurant that I’ve never been to before. I don’t know why I haven’t, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

It’s name is Greystones and it was delicious. I had the special, which was grouper topped with a crab cake with a spicy aioli and the hubby had the prime rib.

My din was soooo good. It had a great kick, which is exactly what I like, and just paired so well with the grouper and crab cake. I can’t believe we had never went to this hidden gem! We will definitely be back as the husband said it was the best steak he’s had!

Just in case you missed it…solo shot of my dinner.

Excuse the shadow lingering over my plate…or wait, that’s me lingering over the plate trying to discretely take a foodie pic.

Sorry guys, I’m still not good at openly taking pictures of food yet…maybe by next birthday?

There’s something about going out to eat that really makes me want wine. I don’t know what it is, but wine +dining out = happy Char. I definitely like it more than drinking wine at home…I know, I don’t get it either!

Maybe the need for wine that night stemmed from the fact that I was having mixed emotions about turning 25.

Who knows…

We got the waitress to snap one pic of the two of us just to document that we actually do eat dinners together. It’s not just mysteriously me, all alone, eating solo…or vice versa.

We also got a little post-dinner photo going on as well, with crazy cat in the background.

Other than my birthday Monday…here’s what I’ve been going through:
Orientation for job potential: 6:30am-2:30pm

Orientation again: 6:30am-2:30pm
Actual job: 4:30-8pm 

Last day of orientation: 6:30am-2:30pm

Job: 4:30-8pm
*Yes, technically I had all morning off, but it was occupied with getting the stuff I need to hopefully get the other job that I attended orientation for (hello doctor for signing a piece of paper basically saying I can stand for 8 hours and grip items…thank you!) 

Work: 7:30am-2:30pm

Work: 7:30am-2:30pm

And then finally tomorrow, I work same shift as the two immediate ones above, then off for two days. I. Cannot. Wait.

There you have it….52 hours. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger…and by this I mean lots of caffeine!

Good night and hope to be up and blogging regularly after this hectic week!