where you’ll find me now

I appreciate all the support I have gotten from this blog over the past 10 months, but it is time to pick up and move on. I’m taking my blogging experience and putting it all here!

I introduce you to the new me:


I got to the point where I felt like I needed a blog more focused on nutrition, since I am a nutrition student and have a serious passion for that area.

I’m trying to figure out a way to carry over some of the stuff I’ve done here, such as the once a week vegan and past recipes, so at least some of it can live on!

I’m sure some of you might have noticed how my blogging fell off the consistency train a while ago, and I apologize for that. I feel like a fresh start is exactly what I need to get my going again and keep my encouragement strong.

I hope all of you keep focused and on your missions even though mine has just taken me somewhere else :).

And, if you want to start reading my new blog instead, I really appreciate that and your support!

Take care! xoxo


thursday thoughts

A good morning start is with inspiration in every tea bag (no joke).

I think I might slightly lean more towards the idea of buying this tea just for the little messages it leaves on the tea bag string. I mean, the tea is delicious, but who doesn’t love a little ‘thought of the day?!’

I also wanted to share my hair inspiration from the other night. Although I now associate this hair style with sweet, torturous pain (a la CrossFit), I’m sure good memories of it will resurface one day.

So what is it?!

It’s a ponytail.

It’s a braid.


This was not a perfect rendition of the braidtail, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea of what it should look like, had I not failed to do it straight (read: I had to rush out the door to pretty much get slapped around in the gym).

I think next time I’ll do it on an angle so I can have it over one shoulder.

Side view:

You too can wear this very nice braidtail and use it after your workout to dry your tears. Comes in pretty handy now, doesn’t it?

Katie had posted this really cute zebra video (which I now have the song stuck in my head #thankyouverymuch), so I wanted to post a youtube video as well, just to prove how cool I actually am, too.

The husband and I watched this one last night and although it’s not a funny situation, I was laughing to the point of crying. I’m sorry to all the people who actually were in this video. May your cars RIP.

Side note: I promise you I’m not a horrible person, but I was a little overtired last night and could have very well been the reason why I was laughing.

And finally, one last thing. If you’re a non-dairy milk lover, is this something you will be trying?! I’m sure it will take one billion years to make it’s way to Canada, but when it does, I will be inline to try it! (psst, it’s flax milk in case you didn’t click the link).

Here is the ingredient list for the three different flavours of the flax milk.

Another side note that’s very important: I do NOT recommend males drinking this type of milk since it has flax oil in it opposed to flax seeds. Flax oil (unlike the seed) should not be consumed by males, since it has been positively linked to enlarged prostate.

Tell your male friends!


My favourite non-dairy milks include (in order of popularity):

  • unsweetened almond milk (by Silk!)
  • dark chocolate almond milk (by Silk! again)
  • soy milk – preferably unsweetened and organic
  • coconut milk (but not in Canada since they do not yet have the rights to fortify their milk here…yet)

I’m hoping the flax milk might make it on there one day!

Those are my Thursday thoughts. Have a great day!

people will talk

Going vegan wasn’t hard – I could care less about if I ate cheese again, had a sip of milk or ate some kind of meat or egg. Those were all easy. It’s the what people say that was the hard part.

I wasn’t quite sure if I had armed myself with enough facts for when the different questions did come up. But, you know what? People will always talk – it’s inevitable, whether you answered the question flawlessly, or not.

They’ll mainly talk because they’re scared of something new and different or because they’re in denial…or maybe they just don’t know all the facts. And lucky for you, that’s not on you in the least – so you can choose what to do next!

The most important thing that you can do to defend your case is stay levelheaded and don’t let anything get to you – which is sometimes what people intend to do. Just remember: it’s because they’re scared!!

And think about it this way – if people are asking you such detailed questions hoping you won’t have a valid enough answer for them, just put the idea in your head that they’re asking you these questions because they care about you. They want to know how you get your protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and iron because they actually truly, deeply care. Whether it’s true or not, by thinking that way, it might help produce an answer that may actually wow that person – and that flawless answer you never intending to speak, comes out naturally.

Besides all this, if this is what you believe in, do you really care what people think about it anyways? Would you change your ways because someone believes that beans aren’t a complete source of protein and that you’re lacking in key nutrients (when you really aren’t)? If the answers are a strong no then you’ve already looked past what people are saying.

Always remember, through the battles you will encounter (and yes, there will be battles!) regardless of if you stretch yourself thin to defend your case or put up a brick wall – people will talk.

It’s inevitable. So what are you going to do for you to make their talk not matter?

first day of fall

Today is officially the first day of fall. Do you want to know how I feel about that? Kind of sad.

I am a lover of summer and everything warm. Fall is just a sad reminder that I did not get a good enough tan this summer, did not get to the beach once, and did not go away nearly as much as I should have. I’ll try to forgive you summer for leaving me as quickly as you came.

But, I may go wallow in my pumpkin oats.

And play in the leaves.

And even go to Starbucks to get a warm drink.

I might even run a half marathon on Sunday just in spite – you know, exercise is the best way to reduce tension, right?

Maybe after that I’ll fully forgive summer for leaving me, but if not, I’ll just repeat everything again. That’s right, everything.

Questions of the day:
Are you a fall lover or hater?
What is your favourite thing about fall?

my wallet hates me

Hello guys! Happy Tuesday to everyone. Might I just add quickly that my fave part about Tuesday’s is the fact that it’s cheap night at the movies! Does anyone else have this in their area? For us, it means something like $4.50 movie prices – and how can you argue with that? That’s right, you can’t! I know my hubby would hit up the movies every Tuesday, if it weren’t for work…and if my wallet didn’t hate me for the following!

If you read my last post then you know that we were taking a trip to Buffalo, NY to do some shopping. Even though the money we used for this excursion was set aside, it still is hard for me to cope with. If you’re laughing right about now and asking if I get anxiety, the answer is yes.

This is why I need the husband to reassure me a million times that:
a) what I bought was ok;
b) it was worth the trip to get the things; and,
c) I look good in the stuff I bought (hey, I need to make sure a) and b) make sense!)

Anxiety aside, here’s a look at our little getaway:

The first hotel:

A special little something we saw in between the hotel buildings:

Where we ate dinner (on the 7th floor, facing the falls!):

A craaaazy hotel (still boggles my mind whoever created this):

Some drinks while we wait for our table…yes, please!

The view from the restaurant overlooks the falls, but lack of sitting at a closer table and constant mist coming off the falls made this pic not so easy to tell where we are (sorry!):

Niagara Falls shot fail #2:

Some parrot action:

Burning off dinner:

Nutso parrot swinging back and forth like it’s his thang:


Downtown at the falls:

Doesn’t the BK look pretty cool?!

Successful falls shot #1 (crossing the border into the states):

Hotel #2:

The damage:

I also picked up some Luna bars in flavours that we don’t have in Canada.

The foodie in me wanted to buy 10 of each flavour (including other flavours that I didn’t buy and haven’t tried either), but the sensible shopaholic (total oxymoron, I know) in me, said just buy a few…then make a trip back over the border in a few weeks, if need be haha.

All in all, I got some good stuff, but a girl could always use more 😉 – especially if it’s not as my wallet’s expense.

Questions of the day:

What are your fave stores?
What are some of the best deals you’ve gotten/seen this year?
Abercrombie and Hollister both had 50% off jeans.
If you had $2000 to spend at a mall, how would you spend it? 
Definitely some shoes, a nice blazer, dress, casual T’s, dress tops, and workout gear

would you rather…

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I’d rather be doing that because [yadda, yadda]”? Or even, “I’m glad I’m doing this rather than that“?

Yeah, that’s what I thought! 😉

We’re always comparing situations; especially if it means making ours seem a little more bearable.

I’ve seen it on Courtney’s blog before, at the end of her posts she does, ‘Would You Rather’ questions. So, I thought it’d be fun to do a whole post dedicated to these questions that make you go hmmmmm.

I love them, personally, because they make you think – some more obvious than others, but some where you can’t choose either!

And feel free to choose a few Q’s in this post and answer in the comments section!

Would You Rather…

Own a ski lodge or a surf camp? Surf camp, for sure.

Go without television or junk food for the rest of your life? Let’s see if you can guess the answer…

My organic veggie mix for the week...ie: not junk food.

Find true love or 10 million dollars? Well, since I already found true love, technically it’s outta the question, so 10 million dollars, please 🙂

Would you rather have a kangaroo or koala as your pet? Hmmm…what to say. I mean, koala’s are cute…

But then again, so are kangaroos!

Okaay, okaaaay…I choose koala!

Be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino? Tiny rhino, by far!

Never use the internet again or never watch TV again? Never watch TV, since you can practically get anything from TV on the internet! I soooo trick the system!

Invent a cure for cancer or a cure for AIDS? I’d have to say cancer.

Not be able to use your phone or your e-mail? Another toughie, but I’d have to say not use email, since again, I’m tricking the system and can get it from my phone *hehe*

Be 3 feet taller or 3 feet shorter? 3 feet taller; then I could model. I kid people!!

Be a deep sea diver or an astronaut? Astronaut, since breathing under freaks the crap outta me. Plus, I wanna try space ice-cream #justsaying.

Always win pie-eating contests or always win wheelbarrow races? So the pie-eating contest. I’ve always thought I could dominate in a lemon meringue pie-eating contest – I’m never going to test that theory though.

Be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy? Fluff McGuff. Need I say more…

sooo my boyfriend.

Workout with Physique 57 or go to the gym? You tell me which one I chose tonight…

Eat a dough ball before or after working out? Duh, both! But specifically before…where else do you get the energy to put in a 57 minute workout?! And then again after…to refuel 😉

Q: What’s another “would you rather” that you like?!? + answer one from above. Go!!!!

playing catch up

Each week (when I work a crazy amount), I always feel like I’m playing catch up in the blogging world.

Catching up on my Google Reader.

Catching up on writing posts.

Catching up on commenting on blogs/responding to comments on my blog.

I don’t wanna play catch up anymore! And, I’m sorry…I don’t mean to complain, but I’m having a hard time balancing these things in my life right now and I want to become better at it.

Working 40, 50, 60+ hour weeks just somehow allow me to become completely unbalanced and unfortunately, blogging is the one suffering.

Q: How do you guys do it? How do you balance everything?!