having fun: cottage style, part II

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Where did I leave off? Was it after making it to the cottage? Attempting to waterski? Entering in a canoe race? Sinking in a canoe race? Oh yes…that’s exactly where I stopped.

So after the botched canoe experience, we did what every normal cottage go-er does on a Saturday night…paaaaartaaaay!

But, due to strictly enforced rules to not post any pictures to Facebook, they must also not be posted on the blog. Sorry.

The only information I can give you is that it was a themed party. What theme you ask. Cowboys and Indians. The only evidence of the party that I can give you is a picture of the husband and I (because, obviously I give my own consent, and hey, he doesn’t have a say! Jk…love you husband).

After a hard night of partying (not on my part, thank goodness – I felt great the next morning!), it was time for sun, sun and more sun!

I enjoyed a little reading time while I was at it!

He’s honestly one of my faves. He makes cooking so simple and really easy – especially when he tells you exactly how to use ingredients!

Then, it was time to set out on the boat. I, of course, enjoyed the houses along the way. I think you might, too 😉

Then it was fun at the…sort of…beach. And by sort of, I mean very shallow water to play in, but definitely no spots to be laying down towels and suntanning. Unless you like drenched towels!

I chose to relax on the boat, then played in the water!

Also, got to see a friend of a friend flying his plane overhead as we were at the beach.

No crash course landing for him today…thank goodness.

And there you have it. This is how you have fun…cottage style. The awesome part would be doing this everyday  of summer. Here’s to early retirement!!!!

Have a great day!


having fun: cottage style, part I

This weekend just past was a long weekend. Normally, the husband and I have no concept of what a weekend is, let alone a long one. We laugh and say, ‘who needs a long weekend anyways?!’ and carry on working while secretly hating everyone who partakes in long weekend festivities. Who are we kidding; we’re too busy working to even notice it’s the weekend.

But not this one past. You pull a few strings, you work a few doubles, and you get the long weekend off. Well, at least two days – where one happens to be your day off anyways (figures, right?).

Then you jump on the bed with excitement pack your bags and get the hell out of dodge. You get on that highway quicker than your boss can ask you to come back to work, and head up north.

You start to remember what it’s like to have the wind blowing in your hair.

And how to take bad self pictures.

But it doesn’t matter, because you made it.

And now you can have fun doing all the non-work things like, playing with the pups.

Attempt at waterskiing on one ski.

Entering in your very first canoe race.

Sinking your canoe in your very first canoe race + being rescued.

men/woman down.

Having your biggest competitors sink their canoe, too, and creating your own canoe race back to shore.

Winning your own canoe race kind of makes up for the sinking part.

The fun at the cottage does not stop here. It is only just beginning.

To be continued…