‘once a week vegan’ challenge

I can’t ignore it any longer; I want everyone to try delicious, vegan foods. So what’s the dilemma that most people think when they hear the word vegan?

It’s limiting.
I can’t eat the foods I want.
Where do I get my protein?

I’m going to challenge all those questions and concerns that people have by offering the:


What It Is:
It’s a challenge that gives you a chance each and every week to try one new vegan meal – normally a dinner. And, just to make it so simple and effortless, I will be the one posting a few vegan recipes each week that you can choose from – all you have to do is buy the groceries!

If, say one week, there aren’t any recipes that appeal to you, then I challenge you to look on the internet, in books, magazines, the paper, etc for your own vegan recipe or under the tab for this challenge, look at recipes from past weeks that might inspire you.

None of the recipes will overcomplicate things and I promise to only post recipes that I think are worth it (ie: tried, tested and true).

I’m going to begin with dinners (which can be lunches as well), since I think it’s a great place to start and might even help you in your meal rut!

So if you can do me the favour of becoming a once a week vegan, I promise it is well-worth your time, money, effort and health.

Plus, you get some pretty fantastic and savory meal ideas out of it!

And just a quick note…

Inspiration For It:
I do a lot of reading, especially when it comes to nutrition and more specifically the vegan lifestyle, which is more recent. So when I was reading a chapter from The Veganist this morning, I started thinking about all the people I love; are they eating to maximize their time here with me? Call me selfish, but I want the ones I love to be around me as long as they possibly can be!

I really believe that a plant-based diet is the closest way to maximizing time here – void of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

After finishing my chapter I thought that if I could convince people to try a vegan meal at least once a week, I would be taking a step in the right direction (for them). So, I thought to text my cousin/best friend/closed love one this:

Question…would you consider trying one vegan/vegetarian recipe a week if I sent you super easy ones to prepare?

Her response:

Of course! haha

And that is where I got the idea from.


If you choose to participate, I totally encourage you to say that you’re a once a week vegan – you making the effort to try new things, especially eliminating animals products for even one meal a week is totally a conscious and compassionate move on your part, which is vegan in essence.

Note: I will be posting the ‘once a week vegan’ recipes every Saturday so this gives you time on the weekend to get the items you need for that recipe for the week.

You can choose whichever day works best to prepare the meal and I encourage you to email me or leave a comment on any post below saying either,
i) a little bit about yourself/why you wanted to do this;
ii) what you liked about the meal;
iii) what you’d like to see in future recipes, and/or;
iv) what was the most satisfying part about the meal.

OR send me anything else you have to say about it!!

And make sure to post any comments each week about the meals you tried, if you want, to help others out!

I love suggestions, so if you’re serious about doing this, send as little (or as many) as you want for me!

charonamission [at] gmail [dot] com

I look forward to meeting all those who choose to participate!