people will talk

Going vegan wasn’t hard – I could care less about if I ate cheese again, had a sip of milk or ate some kind of meat or egg. Those were all easy. It’s the what people say that was the hard part.

I wasn’t quite sure if I had armed myself with enough facts for when the different questions did come up. But, you know what? People will always talk – it’s inevitable, whether you answered the question flawlessly, or not.

They’ll mainly talk because they’re scared of something new and different or because they’re in denial…or maybe they just don’t know all the facts. And lucky for you, that’s not on you in the least – so you can choose what to do next!

The most important thing that you can do to defend your case is stay levelheaded and don’t let anything get to you – which is sometimes what people intend to do. Just remember: it’s because they’re scared!!

And think about it this way – if people are asking you such detailed questions hoping you won’t have a valid enough answer for them, just put the idea in your head that they’re asking you these questions because they care about you. They want to know how you get your protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and iron because they actually truly, deeply care. Whether it’s true or not, by thinking that way, it might help produce an answer that may actually wow that person – and that flawless answer you never intending to speak, comes out naturally.

Besides all this, if this is what you believe in, do you really care what people think about it anyways? Would you change your ways because someone believes that beans aren’t a complete source of protein and that you’re lacking in key nutrients (when you really aren’t)? If the answers are a strong no then you’ve already looked past what people are saying.

Always remember, through the battles you will encounter (and yes, there will be battles!) regardless of if you stretch yourself thin to defend your case or put up a brick wall – people will talk.

It’s inevitable. So what are you going to do for you to make their talk not matter?


3 Comments on “people will talk”

  1. I’m not vegan. And I have no desire to be. I’m way to carnivore. However, I completely respect and appreciate your views. As you said, who cares what you’re eating.

    What I find fascinating is this experience of others interogating vegans or vegetarians about their dietary choice. I’ve never had anyone give me a grand inquisition as to why I like pepperoni on my pizza, I just do.

    Can you even imagine if folks felt it was appropriate to give the third degree to an overweight person’s desire for a cheeseburger and fries? Would never happen.

    Unfortunately it apparently comes with the territory of veganism. Your words of advice seem to be the only rational approach. And tons of patience..

    • Thank you very much – and that’s my intent!! I guess it’s really like anything – there’s more sway to question one side of the story over the other, and I just wanted to let others know that sometimes it’s beyond your control and you really just have to do the best you can!!

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