fun facts friday

I’ve seen this done before (*ahem* Chelsey), and it was about that time that I start doing it, too. Who doesn’t love some fun (random) facts on Friday?! I kinda love it, so let’s go!

1. Since my acorn squash soup is all gone now (sad face), I bought a pair of new wooly socks today. Don’t fret, I also bought the husband a pair, too.

2. I think I might have overdone it on the caffeine today – tea and then a latte. I might need an intervention soon, but anything under 600mg/day is still acceptable…right??

3. I’m happy to say that the snow from yesterday’s snowfall was hardly anything. This was yesterday afternoon:

And this morning was pretty much the same amount – commuter’s heaven when snow is minimal.

4. I did the worst thing possible today – brought a curry dish on campus and probably annoyed everyone within smelling range. I’m sorry people, but it was delicious.

5. Ok, I actually take back that apology because I’m not sorry that I finally found a microwave on campus thanks to a fellow classmate. For once, I got to enjoy a hot meal without succumbing to one of my goal‘s I had set back in September, vowing to never purchase a meal on campus since they already took enough money from me! Plus, who really suffered – me or them? I’m the one that had to walk around with garlic/curry breath all afternoon.

6. I have a thing for Sorel boots and want a pair ASAP.


7. I’ve had a mad sweet tooth for the past few days with no chocolate in sight – that’s about to change tomorrow. I’m making these (the best default cookie ever!) and might eat a few dozen too many.

8. I ran on Tuesday night for the first time in 2 weeks – it just about killed me, but felt so good and refueled the fire.

9. My next big purchase (besides Sorel boots) are to transition/switch to organic shampoo and conditioner. Compared with regular shampoo, I’d say it’s acceptable to call it a big purchase, like the boots :).

10. Tomorrow’s another new post of the once a week vegan!! Who is going to make one vegan meal a week?!!

Have a great weekend!


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