back at it!

Today marked the start of my second semester back at school. Snow was working on my side (temperature, we have to work on you a liiiittle more) as I got back in routine of my 40 minute commute.

My day kinda looked like this:

First up was ‘Introductory Foods’ and that was just what it was – an introduction. That’s the thing I love about the first day back…is it really a first day back? Hardly ever do the prof’s get right into the lecture. Heck, more than half the people haven’t even bought their books yet, let alone are preparing to learn the first day. We got the handout, went over the important numbers and dates, then did an outline of what the course is going to look like. Voila – 50 minutes gone, just like that!

Now, has anyone ever signed up for a course to take, whether mandatory or not, not having the slightest clue on what it’s about?! Please tell me I’m not alone…

Insert ‘Introductory Foods’ – do you know what it’s about?! I took a guess and figured it was about going over the food basics. Hardly.

It’s got some elements of chem and math involved and the class average is between 65-70% with a failure rate of about 6%!!! You know what I’ll be studying for…apart from the chem and stats – so basically my other courses.

Next up was the lab component of ‘Introductory Foods.’ I chose the Monday lab section because
a) I want to get any lab (no matter what the course) out of the way as early in the week as I can
b) I’d like to pile up Monday, so that Wednesday and Friday’s are a ‘breeze’ (and by breeze I mean, just attending lectures accompanied by a few ‘huh?’s since I don’t grasp the material from the overloaded Monday)

The fun part about an ‘Introductory Foods’ lab is that you actually get to make food. It is dedicated to you learning how to prepare food. The not-so-fun part about lab is that it’s hardly vegan friendly. In fact, I’m the only vegan in the class…awkward. Oh and did I mention that all the recipes from today were not vegan. And, I looked ahead at upcoming labs and I can eat about 1 out of 20 recipes.

This, I don’t mind because it doesn’t bother me to eat before, but I’m not a fan of being the only one not going up with a plate to get food. I’m not big on being singled-out…or of the questions. Those dreaded questions that follow you telling someone you’re vegan.

Is it a personal choice?
What can you eat?!
Why are you vegan?

Gaaaaah! Oh well, at least all my lab partners know now! So looking forward to upcoming labs of eggs, milk and cheese, meat i and meat ii…not.

After that I was moving onto Chemistry…my exbestfriend. Now remember that thing I said above about prof’s not getting right into lecture the first day…well, I lied. This one caught me off-guard and actually began teaching after going over the outline – how dare he!

Needless to say, I didn’t print the notes and was writing them on the back of my class schedule. Win

And finally, was onto Stats. Lucky for me it’s right across the hall from Chem – I coulda crawled there and still made it on time to class. I love when it works out that you’re not hustling across campus!

This prof is going to be really good, I can already tell! She took majority of the time going over course stuff, but had she decided to start right into lecture like Mr. Chemistry, I would have been prepared because she took the liberty of printing 56 pages of lecture notes to get us started. Ultimate win.

After that I quickly sped home to heat up my leftovers and hit up some yoga, as it’s one of my goals for the new year (speaking of goals, I should probably post those soon!)

Sorry for the pictureless post, but it’s kinda like me going to school sans notes (damn you, Chemistry – yes, I hold a grudge).

Question of the day: Are you back to your routine of work or school for the new year? I know I’m not entirely there yet…


4 Comments on “back at it!”

  1. Sounds like an interesting class! Which Chem are you in? I’d be happy to help you if you need it! 🙂

  2. Ellen says:

    I had my first day today as well. Let’s just say I could have used another week off. I am taking 5 courses plus volunteering at a hospital so I’m hoping I can manage everything. I am not a fan of labs, i had my last one last semester and was not sad to see them disappear from my schedule!!

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