look what i got!

I now see why dedicated bloggers post at least once or twice a day…a lot can happen in that span! Since before yesterday’s post was on December 12th, I have a lot of catching up to do! There’s finishing my first full semester at school, going on a cruise, Christmas, traveling around Florida, New Year’s and the most obvious…talking about food along the way!

But, because all of those could be long and boring (minus the food, of course!), I’ll skip right to the good part; what Santa the husband got me for Christmas.

Now I know it has nothing to do with me being a good wife because I realize how much of a handful I can be. So, if it’s not because of that, then it must be because he wants something out of it…

Is your mind super in the gutter yet?

Well, then get it out!






He got me a KitchenAid stand mixer!!

And just for him, the very first thing I used it on was to make cookies!

I told you his intentions were somewhat self-benefiting. He got cookies, I got an easy and super cool way to make cookies. We’re both clearly #winning.

I’m pretty sure cookies and the stand mixer are a match made in heaven, too!

I put the cookies right by it’s bud, that way when the container’s empty, I’ll know what I need to do and where it needs to go. It’s somewhat of a vicious cycle 😉

I think I need to name my mixer – does anyone have a clever name for it?! I don’t think ‘bud’ will cut it.

Another ‘look what I got!’ is in favour of my nemesis…ok that might be a bit harsh, so let’s say, my ‘addiction.’

Some might immediately know where the congratulatory message is coming from and others might still be puzzled – if you’re the puzzled one you should pat yourself on the back and hope to never receive this in the mail!

It’s the Starbucks gold card (or GOLDMEMBER as I labelled it on my account online – I can name a card but not a mixer…who am I?!).

I shouldn’t say getting this card is all bad, it’s actually pretty good but it also signifies how many drinks I’ve actually gotten at Starbucks (with the help of my husband), and actually lets you know how many drinks you need to get in order to keep gold status – an evil countdown.

I was doing good with my consumption; I even set goals to keep my Starbucks spending in check, but somehow I still ended up with this little card – I blame the husband!

Question: Do you have any eating/drinking out habits that you need to break? If so, what are they!


4 Comments on “look what i got!”

  1. Ahh!!! Yay you!!! I love my Kitchenaid. Best gift ever. And mine is Lola 🙂

  2. Lili says:

    I named mine Clarisse. She’s the love of my life. I even bring her to my parents’ house over school holidays in case we have a break-in. It’s paranoid, but I’ve seen friends’ entire houses emptied over the break, including beds and pots and pans.

    I named my aunt’s Oliver Mix because he’s been a little neglected over the years.

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