the things that go out the window during exams

I now understand why people go anywhere but their own house to study or else they’d end up eating everything in sight…which I’m currently doing. Can someone PLEASE remove the bag of tortilla chips from my tight grip?! Them + salsa is just so addicting, though! Wait, I take that back…just leave them.

I’ve officially done 3 of 5 exams…we’re past the halfway mark which is HUGE. It feels like it took forever to reach it. All that’s left is an exam tomorrow night and then one the following afternoon – come Wednesday at 4:30pm, I will be a free woman…easy peasy nacho cheesy (<—I totally just thought that up and it sounded pretty funny to me, especially with the nacho reference above…exams getting to my head a little?).

Jokes aside (for now), I find I get too serious during exam period, so to lighten the mood (and myself) a bit during a gloomy time, I decided to do a post about the things that go out the window during exams.

^^my permanent work area.

The Things That Go Out the Window During Exams

1. Personal hygiene – who needs a shower when an extra practice question could be done, or a few more pages could be read of the textbook you neglected all semester.

2. Home-cooked meals – this is mainly a bummer for the husband more than myself. I’m pretty content with my salsa, obviously.

3. Workouts – I’m eating quick meals and neglecting workouts…we won’t even talk about the bum outline forming on my chair that I’m in all day.

4. Sleep – I’ve said it before…

And I’ll keep repeating this. That also might be the copious amount of caffeine from my latte this morning doing the talking. Check back in a couple hours when I crash and ask if that whole philosophy still applies! But if I’m sleeping…don’t wake me.

5. Social interactions – I know a lot of bloggers joke about how awkward they are in person – insert me during exam period. The closest thing I have to human interaction is with Keeping Up With the Kardashians! repeats on TV. I swear Khloe spoke back to me once.

6. Time – It always feels like you have enough time to read that last chapter or do that mock exam, but then you go on Facebook or Twitter for 2 minutes, and you’re faced with the problem that you’re actually late to go and write that exam. So you start sleeping in your car and have an audio version of your textbook playing while you update you status saying how cool it is to try living in your car!

7. Your ability to function daily – sometimes I’m afraid if I talk (to Khloe, of course!) that some of the info I’ve put in there will leak out. This is when you start holding you breath, performing weird rituals to not jinx yourself and start sleeping in the spare bedroom – not by choice, of course. But because you’re afraid that if the husband rolls over onto you that you’ll lose everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish (read: he put you in the spare bedroom because he thinks you’re crazy).

Those are just a few of the things that start to go while studying for exams.

And, I might be bold enough and say that it’s not just a few things that go, but rather, just about everything, but what fun would it be?! Also, means there’s still room to improve/modify the list.

Question of the day: How do you cope when the demand of things makes time tight?



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