friday fives

So it’s Friday. I know it means the weekend for everyone else, but more importantly, it means the end of classes this semester, for me! Woohoo! Well, technically my classes finished yesterday, so it’s an extra-extra long weekend for me, but you get the point ;). We’re all excited for the weekend.

Friday also means another thing – a little while back I decided to follow some other lovely ladies and drop a bunch of f-bomb: fave, friday, five…gotcha! And since these Friday’s keep rollin’ around like they just happened yesterday, I decided to do another Friday focused post.

This time it’s just ‘Friday Fives’ – the stuff I’ve tried and the stuff I’m about to try…and stuff that maybe you’ll try too!

1. Garden Fresh Salsa – Medium (and if they had ‘hot’ you know I’d be all over it)
Ok, so I have tried and enjoyed this salsa before, but it’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed it. Right now it’s on sale for 1/2 off and that’s a big deal because it’s expensive for the good salsa! If you’d like the know the answer to how much I’ve already eaten within the day of purchase, then the correct answer is exactly like the price…1/2.

2. Tyrrell’s Chips – Sweet Chili & Red Pepper
These are brand new to my health food store, and although I’m not a chip junkie, someone else that I live with is! I thought this flavour sounded the most appealing! They had other veggie chips, but this one spoke to me. Now to see if it speaks to the husband, as well 😉

3. Mary’s Organic Crackers – Herb Flavour
Sales are a great, great thing. Because of a sale, I bought these. Had there been no sale, then perhaps these would have never been sampled and loved. I’ve only tried this flavour, but there were about 3 others at the store. All I know is that they’re great for snacking and if you ask my opinion, putting a little dobble of hummus on top (spicy hummus to be exact) is divine.

4. Crofter’s Superfruit Spread – Asia
I am pretty much a toast junkie right now (the toast and chip junkie lived happily ever after in their carb overload castle), and my toppings of choice are PB and J. There’s never not a spare jar of a jam sitting in the cupboard waiting for it’s refrigerated friend to be used. Enter this jam. It intrigued me with it’s “raspberries and yumberries blended with Morello cherries and red grapes” shpeal, that I had to get it.

BUT, it’s alright. It’s no plain ol’ raspberry jam, which is still my favourite to this day (don’t even think about showing up with strawberry jam in this house). The flavour almost has a cranberry characteristic and it’s chunky…like, too chunky. I’ll use it, but just know that there is a perfectly good jar of raspberry jam in my cupboard that is dying to be opened. Soon my friend, very soon.

And finally…

5. Celestial Holiday Tea – Gingerbread Spice
It was Kate who made me want to try this ever since she talked about it! With the lag time in Canada, I finally found these holiday teas…only a few weeks after first hearing about them 😛

This flavour’s alright. I still haven’t entirely gotten a feel for if I really like it or just kind of like it yet, only solution is to drink more tea! I will note though, that it is a nice change from my other ‘fruity’ flavours.

Question of the day:
What are some foods/drinks you’re loving right now? Any worth sharing? 🙂



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