meal plan – week one results

So it’s Sunday, annnnd almost a week since my last post. But, honestly, my meals have been keeping me busy 😉 I was totally on the ball last week for my meals throughout this week, but next week is slacking a bit. I have Monday still up in the air and the weekend – we’ll see what happens.

We’ll forget about next week’s plans for a bit and reflect on how this weeks turned out…you know: how I did, how closely I actually followed it, and how the recipes worked – yay or nay!


This quinoa salad was awesome. Even the husband loved it – so much that he requested it be made again next week. ‘nough said.

Result: Stuck with today’s plan!


I had said in the last post how I wanted a crispy tofu, hence the intro into the first ever meal plan. Result? This meal was amazing. It had great flavour and had a little dipping sauce on the side that we ended up pouring over the dish.

Result: Totally followed tonight’s meal and would eat it every. single. day.

This sauce had some kick, but next time I make it, I might even kick it up a notch more!


I knew this was going to be a quick meal day, but by quick I mean super quick. I threw this together in three minutes -flat- and rushed out the door to school. It was simple and was alright – not one of my star-worthy cold salads though.

Result: Somewhat unimpressed. I wish I would have taken the time to make a better wheatberry salad.


I know Angela’s recipes have never failed me before, but we had a friend over for dinner and serving something that I have not sampled beforehand still scares me a bit. In the end, it was a hit, and I was thanked for the meal 🙂

I know this doesn’t look appealing, but holy delish!

Result: Delish and a nice change for an easy meal!

I made sure to not use all the filling for the enchiladas that night because I needed it for the next day…


Leftover enchiladas over salad with the avocado cream sauce and daiya cheese was such a perfect and effortless meal – plus, tasted delicious.

And for the husband, he used the leftover mix and put it in a wrap.

Result: Leftovers were efficiently used 😉


Was suppose to be vegan split pea soup, but the inlaws were in town and then the husband’s sister-in-law, her husband and their two kiddies came to town, too, so we all did dinner.

We went to my fave local restaurant that practically knows my husband on a first name basis (and by that, I mean “the guy who loves their gazpacho”) and I’m the vegan wife. Super great food and great service. You know a restaurant is good when they change their menu daily. That’s right, daily.

Result: #fail – we ate out and did not follow the plan. But it was ok, because it was a nice catch-up time with fam and great food 🙂

Sunday aka today

Hmmm, what is this cooking away while I make a blog post?

You guessed right, split pea soup. It’s a rainy Sunday, so pizza is out the window, and soup is totally IN.

Result: Move over Sunday, Saturday’s meal is totally overpowering.

And there you have it. I think for a first meal plan week ever, it turned out pretty good. Probably better than next week, as you can see:

When Monday starts off with a ‘?’ you know it can possibly go bad. Tuesday’s suppose to Asian inspired, but when we went to the grocery store, there was no bok choy OR baby portabello mushrooms left, so that was a bummer. And, I think you’ve seen Wednesday’s idea before 😉

Thursday is shaping up to be ‘squash’ inspired. Going to the grocery store it was undecided, but we bought a spaghetti squash, so that pretty much settles it! Friday is a lentil loaf – I put two options because they both sound good and I might try and incorporate them both, if I can. As for Saturday, I’d love to do a chana dal, but man is it hard to find a good recipe. So, we’ll see what happens.

And Sunday, not even worth showing because it’s completely empty. Like I said, an amazingly easy plan for the week can turn into an amazingly difficult time for the next.

Do you meal plan? Have ideas for meals that weeks? Things you want to use that week? Ok, just tell me how organized you are for meals!


4 Comments on “meal plan – week one results”

  1. Ellen says:

    Wow! All of those meals look amazing. I keep on meaning to meal plan but I end up so overwhelmed with school work that i have a hard time planning and cooking meals. How much of a time commitment did you set aside for meal planning and cooking? I really want to work on finding away to encorporate it into my schedule. Very inspiring!

    • See, last week, I felt like it barely took me anytime to figure out what meals I wanted – probably because they had been built up for a while. But when I got to this week and was trying to plan, it took me way longer and I actually didn’t end up having a meal for every day like last week. I’d say go in with ideas already – that helps! If you know you want something specific, then it makes it easier to find a recipe for it! I hope that helps, and if you need anymore help, just ask =D

  2. Everything looks delicious! I am pretty sure you have seen the pictures of my bulletin board to see my week at a glance … I also have a file folder labeled “This Week” that sits on my desk with the recipes I need for all my meals that week in one convenient spot. Keeps me from searching for them each night 🙂

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