saturday run

I might not be the first to say this, but here it goes: Canadian weather is wonky. One day it’s sunny and warm(ish), while other days it’s cold and snowing. Yes, I realize it’s November AND I live in Canada, but when the weather goes from thin long-sleeves to coats and scarves, I’m not down. I am not down. So, when I got up yesterday morning and saw the sun shining and the temperature gauge reading a pretty decent number, I seized the opportunity!

I knew I wanted to get a longer run in regardless of the weather, but being sunny made it more doable. I don’t have any full-length tighter running pants (seriously?) so if it was cold, I would have been an icicle in just my crops. It was also time to bust-out the jacket – no more tanks, tee’s and thin long-sleeves :(.

Here was my running outfit for the day:

I actually ended up being a bit warmer during my run than planned, but luckily had a strong breeze at times to cool me down (and also tested my resistance – thanks, but no thanks, wind).

I had it set in my mind that I was going to run 7 miles this weekend. Now, I haven’t run (ran?) this long in a while. The most recent long runs I’ve been doing since running a half have been 6. I know it’s only a mile difference, but I was worried that I would have lost some of the endurance I had gained.


7 miles turned into 9…I love those days. I felt like a running roller coaster though – by this I mean that at times I felt like I was running at an average pace but it was way quicker than I thought, and other times I felt like I was running ok and it was actually way slower. I like the former the best 😉

The only thing that got me during this run was my right hip flexor. Nothing a little package of frozen fruit (rhubarb to be exact) can’t fix post-run (and stretching!)

Now it’s Sunday morning and I’m not uncomfortable-sore, but a good workout-sore, and that’s the feeling I was looking for! I love that the weather is still nice enough to put in a 9 mile run when it’s mid-November. I cannot complain. And neither should all of you. So get out there and have the most fantastic Sunday you can!

PS – I am SO (and still) fascinated with my Garmin running watch that the hubby got me for our anniversary. Does anyone else think technology is crazy?! How on earth does it sync to my computer through a little USB?! It just boggles my mind how crazy and cool techy things can be. You can call me a ‘loser’ now…I totally get it.


4 Comments on “saturday run”

  1. All your Garmin love is making me think I need one too!

    Also, your running outfit is cute! 🙂

  2. Kelsey says:

    can i just say that you have THE BEST FIGURE! woweee, so fit and fab 🙂

    xoxo ❤

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