This is what I said on twitter not too long ago:

But, just to reiterate:


There we go…that feels better (my excitement is still bubbling though)!

There had been talk of a cruise in the works for a while with the hubby’s family, but we were never quite sure when it would work out. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to make it at all because of exams (originally when talk of the cruise came up, it was before I was in school and knew my schedule).

But, thankfully, the fam has worked it all around and I’m able to go now. My plan definitely was to get the heck outta Canada as soon as I wrote that last exam, anyways, but now with good reason 😉

Below is our voyage aka what I will count down to everyday now.

Our cruise port is in Florida, and here’s what I have to look forward to…

First stop: Turks and Caicos

Second stop: Puerto Rico

Third stop: St. Thomas

Fourth stop: Bahamas

And, from there, we go back to Florida.

I am beyond excited (and pretty embarrassed at how white my skin is and how much more white it will be by the time I get on this ship!). Can someone just fast forward through time (and write my exams for me:)), so I can get on this cruise?!?


Question of the day: Do you have any travel plans this winter? And if so, where?!


5 Comments on “cruisin’”

  1. Sounds like an amazing trip – so exciting!

  2. Incredibly jealous. All of our travel plans are on hold. Gotta save up for the wedding!

  3. Oh my goodness!! I am so so so jealous! We honeymooned in the Bahamas … so beautiful! I hear amazing things about Turks and Caicos too! And Puerto Rico … and St. Thomas … Ahh!!

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