decorating: what’s your style?

Let’s get this out there: I’m a picky person. The husband can attest to this.

So naturally, when we started talking about how to decorate, I tried to take hold of the reins (it’s ‘reins’ right?) – did I also mention I’m a word junkie, linguistic nut and like things said pretty literal? We’ll get to that another time.

So back to decorating; I figured, I’d give him the chance to put his ideas out there, but ultimately, they better match mine.

Take for instance, this blue sofa.

Originally, it was going to be it’s taupe brother (sister?), but the husband was worried about stains getting on it (mistake #1), so I found the blue one, instead. The husband thought the blue might be a bit too bold (really?) and didn’t necessarily like it at first. But picky-set-in-her-ways me, was now in love with the new colour. In the end, the husband ended up loving the colour – maybe it had to do with the fact that he knew I wasn’t straying from this decision, or maybe it did actually grow on him. But either way, I blue won.


So, it’s always good to establish your decorating style before you actually start decorating (or have decided on a non-neutral couch), because if you have no idea how to decorate a room, you might end up with something like this instead.


And, no one wants a non-functional room (unless you like working out next to a fireplace).

I’m pretty new in the decorating department, but still can kinda summarize what my style is: somewhat modern, with a classy edge, and absolutely love stars.

^ This is so how I would hide my ugly kid, too. Kidding!

I think it’s pretty clear how tough decorating can be…even when you know your style. What makes it even more tough, is liking something you wouldn’t even know you liked, until you’re looking at it. Like this, for example:

I looooove how inviting this living room is. What am I at now? Rustic, modern, with a classy edge? Sure, works for me. Just to put the ‘modern’ tinge back in there, this one is also super cool:

And kitchens, this is where I become a super-picky mess. Not really for the decorating part, but the style/space in general. You see, I love food. I also have to love the area where I prepare my food. Down the road, I would like a kitchen (that’s huge, obvs!) that gives me the freedom to love food all over it. Take this:

Now, I know this one is ginormous, but I love the pantry in the corner. I’m very visual, so shelves full of food that I can practically walk into would be my haven. I also like the look of this one:

I’ll subside the pantry love with tables that the pantry food can go on – the kitchen table. I love the idea of windows all around.

Who doesn’t love a lot of windows?! Oh right, the mom with the kids who put their window markers, face paint, boogers and handprints all over them. My bad!

Now I’m just even more lost than when I started and have given up on the concept of having a design style. I guess you’ll just have to come over and decide what my style is for me!

Question of the day: What would you say your style of decorating is?!


5 Comments on “decorating: what’s your style?”

  1. i love things all in white. never white for my clothing though, because i am such a klutz!

  2. I am a total decorating pickle myself. I just finished decorating my apartment (2 years into it) and I found out my job will now be working from home…So now I have to somehow incorporate a home office. How on earth do I make the same small space a sanctuary and a productive work space simultaneously? Needless to say my DVR is filled with Nate Berkus show reruns….

    • I totally need to watch more decorating shows! I would say keep your sanctuary and office spaces separate (if possible) so you don’t crazy and start confusing the two! Probably why I stopped studying in bed because it just got too comfortable! haha

  3. I’m right there with you! When I got my own place I SWORE up and down I was a Pottery Barn type girl … clean and classic. But I went to a furniture store my mom insisted on and fell in love with modern, yet retro type of style.
    Decorating is so hard! haha.

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