WIAW: foodstock

I had mentioned in my last post that on Sunday, October 16th I had attended this huge gathering of Canadian Chefs who had come together for a cause, known as Foodstock. What I did not mention was anything about what this get together meant or what it was about – other than it impacting the area I live in.

Thanks to Jen for hosting this partaaay, I decided to dedicate this week’s WIAW to Foodstock.

I don’t want to make this wordy, but I need to use quite a few in the beginning to get out the message and importance of this event. And then I’ll get to more pictures! 🙂

So, what is Foodstock?

Well, first, it was held by the Canadian Chefs’ Congress and they are as follows:

The Canadian Chefs’ Congress connects chefs to our land in solidarity with farmers, fishers, gardeners, foragers and all artisanal food producers.This biennial gathering of chefs from across Canada reinforces the passion and integrity of Canadian food culture.

You got that?

Food, land, Canada, chefs, etc

So Foodstock, I guess, was technically about food, but it’s about a bigger thing. A thing called a mega quarry that is going to be created if we (Foodstock attenders, Canadian Chef’s congress, environmentalists, people who live in the area and people who don’t live in the area – you get the point, people who care) don’t do something about it!

This mega quarry isn’t a joke and should not be taken lightly. This is what we’re faced with:

The Highland Companies, backed by The Baupost Group, a Boston based hedge fund, has made application to excavate a +2,300 acre limestone quarry, 100 km northwest of Toronto, in Melancthon Township.

If approved, this would be the largest quarry in Canadian history, and the second largest in North America.

The quarry, if approved, would irreversibly eradicate Class 1 agricultural land, involve excavation 1.5 times as deep as Niagara Falls and 200 feet below the water table in an area known as The Headwaters, since it the highest point of elevation in Southern Ontario and home to the headwaters and sensitive recharge area of numerous important river systems that provide water resources for approximately 1 million Ontarians.

The proponent intends to manipulate 600 million litres of water daily (equivalent to 25% of all water consumed by Ontarians on a daily basis), in perpetuity.

In short, Canada has never laid witness to the potential for a quarrying excavation and operation of this magnitude.

For more information, check here.

So, now I can appropriately tell you what Foodstock was about.

Join Chef Michael Stadtlander and 100 of the best chefs from across Canada for an outdoor, pay-what-you can, public food event in support of the movement to Stop The Mega Quarry.

All funds raised will go to fighting the mega quarry application that has been put forward by the Highland Companies.

They anticipated 20,000 to show and instead, got 28,000. How amazing.

Ok, I’m done. My words are said (and hopefully heard), but now I plan to entertain you through pictures of what took place on this amazing day. HAPPY WIAW!!!

Our wagon ride.

Just after this picture was taken (read: my hands were nowhere near holding onto something), we went over a huge bump. I decided that pictures could be taken one handed at this time.

I am in love with this picture – captures fall so perfectly.

With my ladies.

Soup out of a humungous pumpkin – how cool!

Not what I was eating, but you get the point.

Yummy organic apple cider – a Canadian staple, am I right?!

Cabbage and kale slaw (the first thing I could actually eat)

Delightful tiny apple fritters (basically the size of a donut hole/timbit) that taste delicious. A kind thanks to my lovely hand model aka my sister aka the girl who can multi-task and eat her own fritters while holding mine.

Another yummy stop – pasta soup. Don’t mind the bandaid. I’ve been having issues with knives lately. And even though this picture was taken over a week and a half ago, although that cut has recovered, I’ve managed to get two new ones over a 2 day span. Stay away from me people!

The stand for acorn squash soup with candied pecans.

The remnants of that very soup. I sometimes have the problem of eating something until it’s almost gone and then remembering I should take a picture. (My ‘aha!’ moment)

Delicious fries. I almost wasn’t going to grab some, but so glad I did!

And finally, a pretty awesome tree, if I do say so myself! Thanks to my mom for stopping on the way home to take a picture.

I hope that if I’ve gotten any message out there that it’s to care about the land you live on or near. It’s so important.


Question of the day: What is one amazing thing that you love about where you live?


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