watch out


And, look what I did after a 11 day hiatus…RAN. It felt good and not gonna lie, kinda kicked my butt a bit. It was after reading Hillary’s post and actually going outside to discover how beautiful it was for being late October, that inspired me to run. And run fast – for having an 11 day break.

But, where did this lovely Garmin watch come from?!? This is where I take you back a week, which I said I was going to do, in my last post.

Sunday, October 16th, 2011 – my two year wedding anniversary.

So yes, kinda a big deal.

The hubby had to work that morning, which was fine because I went with my mom and sister to a big, enormous, huge, and powerful food movement, called Foodstock; thiswas going on from 11am-5pm (we went from 1-3pm) and was a big food collaboration. I don’t want to expand too much here because I would love to devote an actual blog post to just it. It really is something important to the area I live in and deserves more attention than a slipped in paragraph between my anniversary.

Having said that, after much enjoyment at it, I came home about 20 minutes after the hubby got home. We were off as soon as we met at home for a night out. This was there to surprise me when I got in the car:

Obviously seeing the above picture you didn’t jump the gun and think it was the watch. That comes later. PS – this cake was delish; a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, but (big but here) it had strawberries and chocolate in between the layers. YUM.

On our way to where we were going, the hubby said we had to make a little ‘stop,’ but it was on the way. A little place called Costco.

Since I’m not a fan of Walmart at all (frankly, I’d rather not even type their name in a blog post, either), and since my husband’s not a member at Costco, he needed me to let him in the exclusive club.

I wasn’t too sure what we were getting there, but I had a open mind, so anything that we did walk out with would have been amazing (I know the first thing on my mind when we got there was veggie stock. How lame am I? It should have been Just Dance 3).

So when we walked over to the watch counter, let’s just say, I was kinda a little excited and shocked. He was getting me a Garmin?! And the good one?! What a great hubby!

I tried to talk him outta it (getting the expensive one, not the Garmin in general, duh!), but he insisted on the better one…which made my wrist smile a little bit.

I can’t believe I didn’t rush out a use the thing right away, but alas, a week later, I can finally say that I have worn it (and love it). I think I sorta have it figured out, but if anyone can clue me in on how to turn it off, that would be great #kthanks.

Back to anniversary talk. So that evening – after enjoying some cake and finally getting to hang out together – we ventured to a vegan restaurant, called The Naked Sprout. We were pretty much the only two occupying the restaurant on a Sunday night, and that was pretty fabulous, if you ask me.

I didn’t have high hopes or even high expectations about the place at all, because:
1) I’ve never eaten at an all vegan restaurant before, and;
2) It was my anniversary with the most amazing guy ever. His company trumps any food.

But thank goodness it was amazing, because that’s another reason to make an anniversary go better than it already was.

We started with the nachos.


What it looked like:

Taste: delicious. Soooo delicious. I want more.

Then, for our main course, the hubby got the soba noodle bowl.


What it looked like:

Taste: pretty good from the bite I had. Nice ginger flavour.

For my main dish, I decided on the lasagna.


What it looked like:

Taste: Soooo friggen good. The mushrooms were amazing and the ‘aged nut cheese’ literally tasted like cream cheese. I don’t know how they did it, but my mouth was loving it. This next picture ain’t pretty, but I wanted to show you how it looked once cut into.

I was definitely impressed with this place and would totally go back and recommend it to anyone who was looking for this type of cuisine.

I badly wanted some fro yo after this, but we did have a whole cake waiting in the fridge, so I refrained. There’s always next time, or so I told my angry taste bud.

All in all, it was a great day!!

I can’t believe I’ve been married for two years. I especially can’t believe I’ve been married to this guy for two years.

I got super lucky ;).

I guess it’s technically two years and a week, but who’s counting…:P



11 Comments on “watch out”

  1. Mindy says:

    Yay! Congratulations and Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Love Birds!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    And yay for the Garmin! Too funny that I was at Costco yesterday and saw the same one.. admiring how much smaller it is then mine!!

    And sub 8 min mile average pace!? Speed demon!

  3. Aw! Happy Two Years!!

    And that is so awesome about the Garmin! Love it.

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    Take care and…congratulations! Great anniversary present..just my style:)

  5. Lisa says:

    happy anniversary! it does sound like you are a very lucky girl 🙂 and congrats on that run time!

  6. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog says:

    Happy anniversary!! You are a very lucky girl indeed. I love the watch! The cake is super cute. 🙂

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  9. char, I cannot figure out how to turn my Garmin 405 on 😦 it beeped once when I plugged it in, but no lights come on at all no matter how long I charge it 😦 is your working nicely?

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