where have you been all my life?!

I just want to reassure people that I was not kidnapped (and returned safely). Nor was I in a deep coma that caused me to stop blogging. I was in deep, but to midterms, that is.

That time of the semester when you give up anything ‘social’ related (ie: blogging, hanging with your husband, talking to people in general), and sell your soul to anyone who will give you a cheat sheet. Just kidding, it was actually allowed for my statistics midterm…#thankyouverymuch, prof.

That time of the semester that totally consumes you to the point that you don’t even know which episode of How I Met Your Mother you last watched. Terrible, I know.

You might even start to sacrifice your health just a teeny-weenie bit. Vegan chocolate chip cookies ain’t gonna eat themselves (and how disturbing would it be if they could?!). And, words like ‘easy,’ ‘quick,’ ‘fast,’ and ‘immediately’ come into play when it’s time to eat. For example:

Quinoa’s so easy to make and transport on campus.
I need a quick and easy stew recipe that will last a few meals.
I better chop these veggies fast or I’m gonna be late for school.
I need to reheat this stew immediately so I can cram peacefully study for my midterm in less than an hour.

SIllies, I wasn’t going to sacrifice my good eats that much 😛 Plus, good eats are just too good to give up. I especially mean those cookies. The husband doesn’t need any, right? Right?!

But thankfully, midterms are over (for now – I have a second stats midterm in November. I guess having a cheat sheet makes up for having two midterms?!) and I can return to procrastinating readings (thus, leaving them to the last minute and studying like a madwoman, which I did for midterms), baking/cooking the most edible looking recipes I somehow stumble on (like this, this, this, this, this, and especially this), and I guess hanging out with the husband again :P.

With all this newfound freedom, I might even start (gasp!) working out again because it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve ran – 10 days, but who’s counting. No wonder weight gain is so prevalent in university. And maybe if there were better food choices on campus, that would help the problem, too. But, now I’m just leading into a whole new topic I could totally go off on a tangent about. So I’ll stop myself and just wish you a wonderful weekend.

Mine, might involved some baking (if you guessed cookies, you’re about 99.9% accurate) and maybe some homework…if it’s lucky.

I might even blog tomorrow – super gasp, I know. I particularly might blog tomorrow, because a week ago tomorrow (in other words, last Sunday) will have marked a very special and important day that I kinda want to touch on; and quite frankly brag about. So stay tuned and stay warm (if where you live is anywhere like here in south western Ontario – I thought we had a deal Mother Nature, no bad weather until Christmas Day. So much for her support). Sorry for the ramble sesh, but my brain is overwhelmed with space it now has.

Question of the day: If you could live/go anywhere in the world (money not an option), where you would live/go and why?

Mine would start off with the western coast of North America – some San Diego action and that general region (love me some Cali), and then go a little northern to Kelowna, BC (for summer, that is, not winter). From there, move onto some Australian love. I’d probably also check out Africa (hang with the lions, you know), some sweet islands (Hawaii, Fiji, Jamaica, and the like) and end it off with a little jaunt around Europe. Pretty standard, right? 😛



3 Comments on “where have you been all my life?!”

  1. Simply Life says:

    congrats on finishing midterms!

  2. […] char on a mission Skip to content Homeaboutfoodgoalsread/watchweddingworkouts ← where have you been all my life?! […]

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