surprise, surprise

Nothing is more surprising than the weather Canada is experiencing right now. I will gladly take sunny and warm over cool, rainy and overcast ANY day! Thank you, Ontario.

But, you know when kids are roughhousing, and you’re just waiting for the little tiny one to get hurt? That’s how I feel about the weather. I’m just waiting for one day to come (and not leave) when it turns miserable and then I hate my life. I’ll try to null that mentality for the remainder of Thanksgiving weekend,  but Mother Nature is a sneaky devil.

Ok, so with the nice weather still here, I was all for hitting the pavement and getting more outdoor running in while I still could. T-shirt and shorts?! Hell yes! Especially when it’s this t-shirt…

My t-shirt from my half loot bag! It’s a pretty good shirt, but the neck is SO small and tight for some reason…or is it my head that’s just too big to get it over?

Either way, it’s light, moisture wicking and a desperately needed addition to my outdated (and by this, I mean I have not bought one new piece of workout clothing for one year, at the least) workout clothing.

So it’s sunny. I’m running in shorts and a t-shirt. It’s October 5th. All things that surprise the heck outta me. Until this…

I feel like I’ve been struggling with picking up my pace, until I did a saweeeeet interval run on that lovely Wednesday (Oct 5th), outside…in my shorts.

First of all, I never thought I would reach a min/mile that good. Go me. So that surprised the crap outta me. And second, why had I not done more interval training? It feels so good to speed up for a short length of time (2 minutes is nothing people), and have it increase your running speed so much!

But honestly, the only reason I did this interval running in the first place is because I have recently become obsessed (OBSESSED) with podcasts. I’ve been all over the health and fitness ones (hello Jillian!), and somehow by looking in that area, I found an amazing podcast that provides music for running – by this I mean they have tracks depending on the BPM you want to run at and even have intervals tracks (like the one I did above). Even those have different BPM’s depending on how fast or slow you want to go.

My podcast song was about 35 mins and it did 5 minute intervals of steady pace, then first speed up was for 60 seconds, followed by 90 seconds and finally 120 seconds (with 5 minute stead intervals in between). It’s a super easy podcasts; it tells you when an acceleration is coming and when a deceleration is coming. I loved it. I cannot wait to do more.

Another thing I love? Seeing what other bloggers receive and get to try out (dear Love Grown, please love me), but it’s also understandable to be a bit jealous sometimes, right? I love me some good and healthy new foods to try out as well; especially in my bellaaay.

So when the buzz of a new Larabar flavour was bouncing around the blogosphere, I wanted my hands on a piece of that action!

I even tweeted Larabar telling them how jealous I was for all the other bloggers getting it…

Plus, being in Canada, we would get it seven years later (dear blueberry muffin Larabar, you haven’t made your way to Canada yet, so no chance in hell would the new chocolate chip cherry torte be here already).

So I joked with Larabar, but they did not joke back.

They delivered. Quite literally.

Now, I don’t think it’s because I tweeted them practically begging for this bar, but I think it’s a matter of speaking too soon. I’m pretty sure this package was already on the way when I opened my big mouth.

So, thank you Larabar for sending me this sweet, sweet package. I am eternally grateful for this and cannot wait to try it.

I do have a problem with holding onto something for a long time before I try it, though (minus new tea). Simply because I want to save it for as long as I possibly can. Crazy, I know.

So, if it takes me the same length of time to try this new flavour as it does for Larabar to come out with a new flavour, then you can personally come to my house and grab it from my stash. And, there’s your surprise.


6 Comments on “surprise, surprise”

  1. That is SO awesome of Larabars!

  2. Casey says:

    Nice loot!

    I have started to get addicted to podcasts too…when I NEVER thought I would. Also, audiobooks.

  3. That’s odd that the shirt fits well but the neck is tight. I hate when I find a good shirt that has a defect like that! As for living in Canada and never seeing some of these awesome products – couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been looking for those darn blueberry muffin bars for FOREVER. Also – what’s up with us not having Trader Joes or Love Grown Granola? It’s just not fair I tell ya.

    • NO KIDDING!!! I just want me some Trader Joes!!!! The only downfall to reading American blogs is all the great stuff they have! Even Tina from Carrots n Cake was at a farmer’s market this summer and got produce for SO cheap. I find even supporting the local farmers market, their prices aren’t cheaper, but it’s nice to buy local. I guess it just means more trips to the states are needed 😉

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