a good sale

It’s hard to not pass up something that’s on for a good deal. But more importantly, the things that you’ve been waiting for to go on sale. Sometimes I’ll hold off getting something (for a long time) in hopes that it will go on sale. Then, when you do see it on sale at the grocery store, you kinda do a little happy dance, and snag it before people catch on that it’s on sale (read: you’re the only person that really truly cares).

I’ve been waiting for this tea to go on sale for (no exaggeration) 6 months. Every sister and brother of this tea seemed to go on sale but it…until this week. Not that I’ve been obsessively keeping an eye on it – now that would just be crazy! But I was more than happy to see it go on sale since:

a) It’s getting colder and although I love iced coffees, I will not drink them in colder weather and refuse to drink hot coffee (yes, I realize it’s just called ‘coffee’ but as an iced coffee drinker only, it will remain ‘hot’ coffee for me).

b) I need an alternative to Starbucks (more so for the latte part). Although I love it’s deliciousness, I made it a goal to cutback.

And FYI, this tea is delicious – so worth the wait. Perfect for a study/homework sesh.

Since I’m cutting out purchasing drinks, it looks like I’m back to using the big ol’ coffee mugs. It’s been a while – it’s almost like I’ve been on tea hiatus!

And Tinkerbell knows it. Probably why she doesn’t look like she missed me much!

Speaking of Tinkerbell, I really, oh so badly, want to run in the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, which conveniently falls on a day during my reading week.

The only thing about this, is it’s not a good sale – especially since prices just went up two days ago! But it might just be worth the price. Decisions, decisions.

Question of the day:

What drink are you feeling right now?


2 Comments on “a good sale”

  1. I LOVE sales too! They’re the best! 🙂

    Currently I am obsessed with Vanilla Chai tea and Vitamin Water Zero!

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