pre-race freak outs

What did you do yesterday?


Oh, just ran my very first half marathon. No biggie. Just one of those defining moments in my life, that’s all.

But really, you know defining moments aren’t complete without a few freak outs; the ones you can laugh at after it’s all said and done. Here are a few of mine:

Pre-race freak out #1: I forgot my ipod.

If you’re gearing up to run 13.2 miles (!!!!!! – or 21k if you will), I’m pretty sure you’d want some music to pass the time. Specifically, if you got a new ‘clip on’ ipod (ie: nano) for your birthday to replace the bulky ipod touch that you used to run with. Did I mention you traded this bulky ipod for the new nano specifically for running purposes?! So, when you arrive at your run destination (read: staying at the g-rents because they live in run destination, plus they’re away and live right on the water…sweet deal), and find headphones unattached to ipod, you might freak out…just a little bit. You curse; curse yourself for being in such a rush to leave home, curse the headphones for not reattaching themselves back to the ipod after charging, and curse the ipod itself for being so small and dumb.

You might contemplate driving back home, even if it is an hour away because 13.2 miles without music is a loooong time. Until, wait, could it be?

Thanks for the freak out, little guy.

Pre-race freak out #2: Where do I pick up my race kit?

It’s all nice and lovely that the race started and ended in a park, but to have the race kit pick-up there, as well, when you’re new to the area (read: haven’t set foot in the park since your grandma used to take you there when you were three) isn’t so lovely. Oh, did I forget to add that I was in a time-crunch to head to work after picking up said race kit?!

Yes, I enjoy nature, being on the water, and perfect weather. Yes, I enjoy kids laughing in the park. But, no I don’t enjoy being rushed while witnessing these things, especially when work is in the near future. After walking around the park (witnessing some family bbq’s – nice for them), I finally found the tents tucked away in the back. Picked up my race kit as quick as I could and jetted.

Pre-race freak out #3: Starbucks it OUT of the way to go to before the race.

And yes, I actually lost sleep over this. I think I dreamt in map routes to minimize travel time to the race from Starbucks. But whatever, I got my ‘bucks and drank about 5% of it. Successful fail.

Pre-race freak out #4: My mouth is so dry from the PB I put in my oatmeal.

Damn, peanut butter. My obsession was also my demise yesterday – pretty much a mouth hazard! Such a hazard that I made the husband run back to the car and get my water bottle, which I shouldn’t have left there in the first place (oops!). Which leads me into freak out #5…

Pre-race freak out #5: Where is the husband?!?! The race is about to start!

Did I forget to mention that I started complaining about forgetting my water bottle ten minutes before my race was scheduled to start?! My bad…

The overly generous and speed-walker husband went back to the car and then made it back in time to sprint to the start line with me. Ok, I exaggerate. He made it back in time to walk with me to the starting line and even managed to snap a few pics. My peanut butter mouth thanked him.

Even with the freak outs, we made it there safe and sound and I ran my little heart out. With ipod. With my bib from the race kit. With 5% of an iced coffee in me. And lastly, with a PB mouth still intact.

Thank goodness for drink stations.

Full race review coming at ya tomorrow!



4 Comments on “pre-race freak outs”

  1. Yikes.. glad all your freak outs kind of worked themselves out!! Can’t wait to read the recap!!

  2. Tracy's Treats says:

    Congrats on your first half marathon!! I remember feeling on Cloud 9 for days after I ran my first one!!

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