getting into it

Well, this is my first full week as a student. Although, I can hardly say ‘full’ because my class schedule consists of me going on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I purposely planned it that way so I wouldn’t have to commute everyday, because let’s be honest – that just sucks.

While getting into the swing of school, I’m also cramming in some extra hours at work, while I still can (read: before I’m boggled down with a ton of school work and my social + work life no longer exist).

So, being a new student again, how the heck do you get into a routine?! I’m trying to remember what worked for me before and how I can be that person again. I pretty much am setting the bar as low as I can so that I don’t get overwhelmed with myself and my progress.

The last time I was in school (Summer ’09), I took on a full summer course load, worked and was planning my wedding (see the low bar?), so this should be easy, right? I’m at least eliminating the wedding part, unless…

In other news, I successfully went to the Farmer’s Market this past Saturday. Since they’re winding down, I needed to go at least one more time (plus, I work this coming Saturday, so I knew that one was out of the picture). Due to poor planning and lack of cash flow on me, I only collected a few goods:

But, these chili peppers were free!













I guess the growers had way too many, so they were giving them away like candy. Lucky for me, spicy food is candy. And when do you refuse free delicious, fresh, local produce? Exactly, you don’t.

Thanks to mom’s and their spare change, I swung back about an hour later and picked up two more items:

Green cauliflower! I haven’t used it yet, but am interested to see how the taste varies from it’s friend. And roma tomatoes – the reason for my return to the market. I had saw them when I went the hour earlier, but was $1 short. Luckily they were still there when I went back, and if they weren’t, you bet an unhappy camper I would have been!

Going to the Farmer’s Market not only makes my Saturday’s off work delightful, but gives me the freedom to bum-it-up (or go au natural, as some might say).

I’m sure other girls out there can agree/vouch for me on this one, that it is amazing. And now, I guess I can add two more days of it to the mix since I’m only a school-goer 3 times a weeks. Sweet.

Annnnd, I’m pretty sure I’ve reached my ‘blogging’ time limit – I am needed elsewhere, like in my chemistry textbook *barf*

Question of the day:
How you plan for the important things in your life?



6 Comments on “getting into it”

  1. have a good first week of class! I wish I was still in school, being home all the time looking for jobs is boring.

  2. Tracy's Treats says:

    I’ve never had green cauliflower before…it looks so cool! For the important things in life, I try to be as organized as possible. I like to make lists because they keep me focused on my end goals!

  3. Caitlin says:

    First Congratulation on your student status!!!! 3 days per week is amazing, I used to go 6 days per week!! 🙂

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