back to school

First thing I think of:

I’ve got my lunch packed up.

My boots tied tight.

I hope I don’t get in a fight (which I guarantee you I did not!).

Although, I would also add to the song, “I got my bank account drained,” because that’s exactly what university does to you! I swear the university violated me and my wallet today. Everything they can make a cost out of (hello goggles and lab coat!), they will. No bitterness detected…

Ohhhhh, back to school. Back to school…

All in all, it was a frustrating, but good day. I hate new situations with a passion (grandma alert, I know), so learning a new campus was not fun for me at all. Oh well, I made it to my classes with a few small mutters under my breath – and hey, now I know where I’m going (to those classes, at least). And, I seriously feel like the mama bear, especially in my first year class, where the prof started off the lecture with, “this is a lot different than high school.” Way to age me prof, way to age me.

I’ll be back at ya tomorrow with some school goals and my school must haves. Have a great Friday evening – I know I did with this hunk!

Question of the day:

How do you feel about new situations? What is your opinion on going back to school as a mature adult (read: married and boring)?


7 Comments on “back to school”

  1. Love Billy Madison! I Hope you first day was amazing, Char!

  2. Ellen says:

    It is tough going back to school as a mature student. I am lucky that Ryerson’s nutrition programme is a 50/50 split of straight out of highschool and mature students (marrried, kids, etc). However you will probably find that you do alot better than the younger crowd (I could not have done this programme with success at the age of 18- all I wanted to do was have fun/meet people and party). Hopefully there are some people who are in a similar life stage that you can relate to.

    side note: Saw your pics of Stoney…my bf parents have a place there and funny enough one of the few weekends we missed was the regatta weekend!! Small world.

    • That IS a small world. Wow, I didn’t know that about the nutrition program at Ryerson. In all honesty though, I don’t know what the ages are like for my program cause I missed the dinner get together (oops!) – but it is hard cause I commute and I think I was working that night anyways haha!

    • Adri says:

      I am considering going back to school, and I am interested in applying for the Nutrition program at Ryesron University as a mature student. I am confused about the application process! I was hoping you could help? Do I need to obtain 3 prerequisites in, Biology, chemistry, and English? And if yes, do I need to obtain them through correspondence? Thank you kindly!!! 🙂

      • I’m not sure if Ryerson is the same as Guelph, but I would say that your best bet is to call and speak to a counsellor. When I called Guelph she told me that taking chemistry was essential, but I would be fine if I didn’t take the bio, and then I already had english from grade 12. If you’re going to do anything through distance ed, I would definitely suggest – it’s where I took my chem’s (11 and 12) and upgraded my math. If you do the work you can get reeeeally good marks! I think you have until March or May to get the application in, but that’s plenty of time to do the courses. I did the grade 12 chem course in 2 months. Anymore questions, email me =)

  3. Ellen says:

    Im sure you will find a group of girls (i dont know about guelph but my program in 99% women) that you can relate to!

    Your blog is awesome, I love it. Make sure you keep us filled in on your school adventures!

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