15 random facts

Happy Labour Day Weekend…for me, it’s all about working 7 straight days in a row and then heading back to school after that 7 day stretch.

So instead of taking pictures these past few days (where is my camera even?!) I decided to do a post on random facts about me. And, here we go!

1. I love salads. Especially ones prepared by someone else (read: I like restaurants) with cool toppings and dressings that I’m not capable of creating myself.

2. I better put on deodorant before my husband gets home from work – who am I?!

3. My friend and I are starting a detox kit today…the only difference is she actually started, and I haven’t yet.

4. I need to whiten my teeth. I have this thing about liking really white teeth, yet mine has miraculously turned a lovely shade of yellow (and to figure this out I compared them to the whites in my eyes…no joke).

5. Waking up early for work makes me lazy – and now I don’t wanna cook (refer to #1).

6. I want the new Blackberry Bold and think my Curve is a freezing piece of poop.

7. I listened to some motivational audio tapes on my way to and from work – it really makes a difference on how you view things.

8. I have a gazillion books checked out of the library right now and I’m afraid that when I log into my account online, they’ll all say overdue.

9. I like Selena Gomez’s ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ Song. There. I admitted it.

10. The husband and I went out for dinner tonight (refer to #5).

11. I finally started 1/3 of the detox kit.

12. I always feel like I’m fashionably late when it comes to fashion (go figure).

13. I really am not looking forward to putting on a pair of jeans. I can’t remember the last time I wore them (read: summer, don’t leave!!).

14. I haven’t made granola in a few weeks and I’m seriously missing it (refer to #5).

15. And finally, I used to be artsy fartsy – I painted in high school. And now I don’t know if I could mix paints to save my life. It’s something I want to pick up again, since I want all the artwork in our house to be mine.

And there you have it. 15 random facts. Now how about you fill out 15 random facts about you 😉


6 Comments on “15 random facts”

  1. Hahha I like how you phone isn’t just a piece of poop.. but a FREEZING piece of poop. Nice touch.

    Fact about me: I am writing lesson plans write now and am sad that we have a new format to follow this year.. which takes a longer amount of time.. esp since me (and all the other teachers at my school) write them.. and then don’t look at them. I don’t teach off of a lesson plan. I teach from my heart – based off of teachable moments.. annnd knowing the curriculum!

  2. Restaurant salads are 1000x better than ones I make myself… I can’t figure out why…

  3. Jen says:

    Love your blog; I think we would be good friends based on your random facts….I found myself going “OMGosh me too!” far more often than I care to admit (yup, i like Selena Gomez’s Love you Like a Love Song too….)

  4. You’re hilarious. Restaurant salads are the best. Fast food salads taste like they were drowned in chemicals first, though, and it’s one more reason why I can’t eat fast food.

  5. Ohhh you should get an iphone 🙂
    Have fun at school!!!!

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