the enemy

I know the first thing that you’re thinking is, “how could Char ever have an enemy; she’s the nicest person ever!” And to that I respond, why thank you.

But, this is a different enemy. Not like the girl you hate for stealing your barbies when you were younger.

Or, the kid who tattled on you for taking the last cookie.

Or even the kid who got you sent to the corner for a ‘timeout’ because the teacher didn’t believe your ‘he tripped’ story. He actually did trip, for your information.

No, this enemy doesn’t even brush close to these people. It’s actually not even human. My enemy is an inanimate object.

Go ahead, laugh. But the truth is…

I hate needles. Or rather, the thought of needles. They make me faint. So when I put off getting one for almost three weeks, the idea of actually getting it today started to freak me out a little bit. I wanted to run away, but that’s what scaredy cats do, and I was not going to be one of those…anymore.

I got in there (read: hesitantly approached the nurse), took my spot lying down on the table (sitting is not an option at this point in my needle career), closed my eyes, covered those closed eyes with my hand (this is serious), and got it done.

Did I faint? Surprisingly, not! Which means, my enemy will soon be the one sitting in the corner with the time out…take that!

For being so brave, my husband rewarded me with Starbucks – an iced coffee from Starbucks to be exact.

And, Chelsey was right…it’s legit crack. I’ve never had an iced coffee from Starbucks before, but it totally kicks my $1 iced coffee [from McDonald]’s @$$.

After conquering the enemy and finding a new iced coffee addiction, I got suckered into the whole fall/pumpkin thing, with these:

Pumpkin Pie Oats

These are creamy, not too sweet, part of the trend (since pumpkin will pretty much explode in the blogging world – starting today) and perfect for the approaching colder days. They might just make you feel peachy err, pumpkin-y.


~1/2 cup rolled oats
~1/4 cup spelt bran
1.5 cups water
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1 tbsp ground flax
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 scoop vanilla Sunwarrior
1 tsp brown sugar
splash of vanilla
splash of maple syrup
toasted walnuts


In a small saucepan, add oats, bran, water and pumpkin. Over med-high heat bring to a boil and stir until thick (5-7 mins). Once thick, remove from heat and add in the flax, cinnamon, nutmeg and Sunwarrior; stir until everything is mixed together. Transfer to a serving bowl and add the splash of maple syrup, along with the walnuts. Enjoy!

Now that the the enemy is officially going down and the growl in my stomach has diminished, it’s time to get down to business and figure out my goals for September. I’ll make sure to get right on that while my cake pops set.

Question of the day:

How do you feel about August being over and preparing for the fall?!


5 Comments on “the enemy”

  1. It makes me feel weird! No more summer? Eeeek! But I am looking forward to the colors changing and things like (pumpkin!) pie 🙂

  2. Starbucks is a great reward! Congrats on not fainting:)

  3. Jenny says:

    I definitely think Starbucks is a fabulous reward ;D

  4. Glad you beat the “enemy”! I would rather have a needle then get my blood pressure taken, something about that cuff and feeling my pulse gives me the major creeps!
    Yay for starbucks, i’m obsessed with the caramel iced coffee, yummmm and i have a big ol can of pumpkin just waiting to be opened!
    Just saw your email i will respond soon 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I am SO excited for the fall!!! I am literally DREAMING of cooler temperatures – so OVER the 100+ degrees that is Texas. Missouri is a ton cooler so I am stoked for the move in 2 weeks (EEK).

    Glad you survived your encounter with the needle – I am the opposite, I love medical stuff so I watch every time haha

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