So…it’s Saturday! How does everyone feel about it being the last weekend in August? I can’t believe this month is almost over. That means September is just around the corner. It also means school starts soon, which kinda scares me! Good thing for the blog as my outlet!

This post was never intended to start with this ‘bummer’ news (mainly because I just found something in my email), but here it goes:

I just checked my email, and in my junk mail I noticed this subject line: Mono Cliffs Run Cancelled.

This was a 5-mile run I had planned to run a few weeks before my half marathon. Since this race is now cancelled, I’m not sure what to do. I really thought I would have one smaller run done before my half. The thing that was going to be so awesome about this one, was that it was right near where I live (the whole reason I chose to register for it in the first place). So, this is how the email started:

Because of events beyond our control, The Dufferin Bruce Trail Club has had to cancel the Mono Cliffs Run  for this year, scheduled for September 10, 2011.

I wish I could find out why they decided to cancel it. Oh well, maybe next year? So now, with the countdown on to my first half marathon, now I’m wondering if I should try and find a 5K or 10K instead, just so I can get the feel of what running in a race feels like. Thoughts?

Another bummer is I’m having a little pain from running. Here, to be exact:

Any suggestions on what to do to help it? Strengthen it? Exercise-wise what to do about it? It hurts when I’ve been sitting too long (read: my body is telling me to not be a lazy bum today) or when I’m straightening my leg (let’s say from a 90 degree angle) and it starts hurting halfway between being straight and being bent. How awful is that for a description?! If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them!

The pain was so worth it for this speed interval run, though:

Time: 40 mins
Distance completed: 4.97 miles

I know my pace is gradually increasing because when I slowed down for my 3 minute intervals at 6.5mph, that actually felt slow to me. I swear it was just over a year ago when I thought running for an hour was good – yet, that was at 5.2mph. It’s funny how things change and now I don’t go by time, but by distance!

Then I went on the StairMaster for 10 mins, just to mix it up!

I think I better go and either fix this knee problem by doing some strength training or go shopping because my bum (speaking of ‘bummer’) gets too use to sitting on the couch! And Rex’s too…


I also have one of those $2 receipts from Starbucks, where if you bring your blue receipt in after 2pm, you get any cold grande drink for $2…and I thiiiink I might just have to use it!

Question of the day:

Have you heard Kanye and Jay-Z’s new album Watch the Throne? I admit that I really enjoy it and am sorta, kinda hooked on a few songs already!


5 Comments on “bummer”

  1. Can’t offer any advice on your knee pain! 😦 Sorry! But I did nottt realize this was the last weekend in August! Wow. Where has summer gone?

    I’m sure school will turn out just fine for ya – good luck!

  2. I am endlessly impressed with your interval speeds!! Freakin amazing, girl. You are going to KILL this half!

  3. I hope the pain goes away soon – that’s a bummer!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlie 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear that your race was canceled–maybe you could email them to get more information? I hope your pain subsides!

    I haven’t checked out their new album yet, but I will be sure to on iTunes!

  5. […] more so, with a half marathon on the horizon (I’ve posted some of my interval times here and here). These not only test your endurance, but increase your stamina and overall speedy ability . I […]

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