WIAW: slow-poke edition!

How on earth can you forget what happens on Wednesday’s?! I definitely never do each time, yet somehow I’ve missed the past few weeks since I joined the club (oops!). But here I am, back at it. Just a wee bit of a slow-poke to get the ball rollin’ for taking pics and posting them ;).



  • Leftovah soup from din the other night {butternut squash, sweet potato and brie}.

  • Salsa and chips (not pictured).


  • Ezekiel wrap with all the fixin’s: sunflower seed spread, sunflower seed sprouts, yellow bell pepper, avocado, tomato, cucumber and shredded carrot.


  • Cherries.

  • Apple.

  • Vanilla Greek yogurt + blueberries

  • Iced coffee + almond milk (and yes…this totally counts as a ‘snack’)

  • Chocolate (durrr).
There you have it…my eats from a previous day. Now, let’s see I can be on the ball  next week. Either way, at least I got my WIAW in on the actual day :).

5 Comments on “WIAW: slow-poke edition!”

  1. you’ll get back on ze ball i know it! ❤ Happy WIAW Char!!!

  2. YAY for CHerries. I absolutely have been lovin’ cherries this week fo sho!

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