new toys

As a kid, it’s always fun getting new things. No mom, I’m not talking about the educational work books.

Like, a new barbie doll (as if I didn’t have enough already). A new nano. A new CD (Backstreet Boys…naturally). A new dog. Just kidding, I never got one…yet. Mooommmmmmmm!

But what’s better than being a kid and getting fun new things? Being an adult and getting fun new things. Especially when they’re surprises to you to the husband. Because after all, this fun new thing I’m about to show you is actually his fun new thing.

Hey, I’m entitled to half of what he owns, right?

Yesterday, the husband was shockingly surprised with a little gift (note: I just needed to point out that I almost typed ‘girl’ there instead…yikes!) from one of his students he teaches (and if you don’t know what I mean by ‘student’ because you are just tuning in for the first time, I mean golf student – yes, my husband is a golf teacher).

This student of his played good in his most recent tournament and as a thank you gave the hubby this:


Did he just give me the husband a new camera that has 16MP (ie: 4 more mega pixel than our cam now has). Why yes, yes he did. How friggen thoughtful is that?

Also, how thoughtful is me christening the camera for the hubby?

Ok, ok…so I couldn’t be that wife and corrected it with another self picture…how vain am I?!

This might actually be worse because now he has the image of my sleep deprived face to just remember how lovely I am. And sleepy.

See…new toys can be fun at any age and even if they aren’t your own.

His fault for not putting it away…or hiding it. Ah, brings me back to the days leading up to Christmas. And no mom, I didn’t ever open up and reseal presents on Christmas morning before you woke up…

Q: What is a favourite new toy that you have?


3 Comments on “new toys”

  1. LOVE your knew toy. I want a new camera so bad!

  2. Jenny says:

    What an awesoem camera!! That is one good toy 😀

  3. I got a new camera lens for my “almost” mother’s day that I still love! Most of “my” new toys are baby products though. HAHA.

    That was so thoughtful of your hubby’s student!

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