Check out these strands…

Tomorrow they will no longer be faded and dark.


It is a million degrees outside today, and since I started a new workout plan, I would like to say that I’m adding some physical activity towards today’s date…but realistically, going to work and even moving for that matter is enough of a workout for today. My priority is to stay hydrated.

Q: How hot is it where you are today? Give me numbers!!!


14 Comments on “highlighting”

  1. Presley says:

    I feel like a new person every time I get highlights! And I think the temperature here is around the same as the surface of the sun…

  2. It is going o be mid 90s with the heat index of 100-105. Tomorrow even hotter. Can’t wait to walk (die) 20 miles in it. haha

    Yay for highlights. I am goingto try and hold off another month or so!

  3. Lots of numbers… its supposed to be 95 degrees, which will be the hottest in Pittsburgh since 2002…. if it hits 96, it will be the hottest since ’93! But with Pittsburgh humidity it will FEEL 10-20 degrees hotter eitherway. Phew!

  4. tricia says:

    only 100 here today and after tons of 104 days it somehow feels cool 🙂

  5. your hair looks so pretty, I always feel great after I get my hair done!!

  6. A lovely 98 degrees with a heat index of about 105! Gotta love Louisiana 🙂

  7. Jenny says:

    Your hair is so pretty!! I need to do mine asap!

  8. I’m getting my hair done this weekend (fingers crossed!) Today it was about 98 degrees in NYC 😦 misery

  9. I love the highlights! It was 101 degrees here in VA! YUCK!

  10. Faded and dark! You silly minx…your hair looks great!

  11. I love your hair! It is so preetty

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