going to guelph

Let me acquaint you with a place called Guelph, Ontario; it’s a great town in south-western Ontario, and it’s also where I lived until the age of 11. I loved it when I was younger and was sad to move because where we were moving ‘didn’t have a good enough mall.’ Clear priorities, people.


It’s not too big (population: 115,000), and not too small – just the size of Montreal. I guess that rhyme only works if you’re Canadian and can remember the rest of the rhyme that goes with it. Guelph is also not too far away from where I live – it’s between a 35-45 minute drive, depending on where you’re headed in Guelph.

I find myself in this town a lot lately because it’s where I have a job. But today, I ventured there, not because of work, but for two appointments.

First off, was a stop at the university. The reason…well, I got in to the program I wanted! This is exciting because I upgraded courses like craaazy to make sure I’d get in…and they paid off! So I booked an appointment with the counsellor for my department (Applied Science) to make sure I was taking the right steps and how to finish as quickly as I can.

Since I already have an undergraduate degree, that takes care of ALL the electives in this new degree, which is a sigh of relief. I love being able to have the choice to take extra courses if I want to, rather than having to.

It’s still going to take me at least six semester’s, since there are six different courses, where you need the first one to progress to the second one, then the second one to progress to the third one…and you get the picture. This was a bummer, since I wanted to fast-track as much as I could to lead to the dietetic internship. But, we’ll see what happens…and you know I’ll be taking summer semester’s if that’s what it comes down to!

Following this appointment, I had to make a trip back to a cafe my friend and I visited the other day, With the Grain. I had the ‘Wrap: Sunflower Seed Spread’ which is on the featured menu so I knew I had to get it again before it leaves on July 3rd.

This goodness has avocado, organic pea shoots, fresh veggies, and of course, the best sunflower seed spread!

{ Uploading pictures of foods that I could eat a lot of is hard for me to do! Like this, now I want another one! }

I’m actually stopping at the bakery again tomorrow to pick up one of their breads. They have special bread’s they make for each day of the week – the one I’m getting is seeded spelt, which is vegan friendly 🙂

They might think I live there soon enough!

Hopefully I can find a few more reasons to like Guelph, since with school in the fall, I’ll really be there a lot!

Q: What makes you like your town or one that you work in or travel to?


11 Comments on “going to guelph”

  1. YAY! So happy you got into the program you wanted to Char! Congratulations!!

    I like my new city because I feel like I find out something new and cool almost every week… like lots of parks with hiking trails!

  2. Congrats!! Getting into a program that you will enjoy is so great!:) Sunflower seed spread in a wrap…sounds so interesting! I’ve never heard of anything like it.

    What makes me like my town? Hm. Well it is just between to larger towns that have better shopping, etc. So that is very nice. But my town also has some AMAZING Italian restaurants. Plus my town has Pepperoni Rolls that are to die for! So many people have not heard of Pepperoni Rolls and they are seriously missing out.

    Hope you’re enjoying your trip! Good luck in your new university!!

  3. Congrats on getting into your program of choice! Seriously – what an exciting and gratifying moment. I read your ‘about me’ journey and can relate to being on one career track, realizing your heart’s not in it, and then making the not-as-easy-as-it-seems commitment to pursue the field/ subject you’re passionate about. Rock on sistafren, rock on.

  4. Jenny says:

    Congrats on getting to the program you wanted!! 😀 I like my city because it’s definitely entertaining to say the least. Just wish the people were friendlier lol

  5. Jenna K says:

    I think you’ll like Guelph even more when I live there again! 🙂 Can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing you more!!!

  6. I love Guelph!!! It is a cute town.
    And that wrap looks amazing.
    Growing up I lived in the middle of nowhere (outside of Port Perry, on the lake) and it was amazing…it was like living at a cottage. I miss it so much. Whitby is not nearly as cool…

    Hooray for Canadian (Ontarian!) bloggers 🙂

  7. I am originally from the Wine Country in California. For some reason I hated it and couldn’t wait to move away for college. I moved to Hawaii for my freshman year of college & started missing California. It looks 10x more beautiful and exciting once you’ve moved away and realize how much you miss it! Congratulations on the program!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Wow, we’ve got very similar goals! I have a business degree & MBA, but have recently decided to pursue my RD also. Unfortunately though, I have yet to find a program that offers classes that fit with my work schedule, and yes, the classes all build upon each other, which takes forever! Congrats on getting into your program. I’ll be eager to hear how it’s going!

    • Thanks so much! Ya it’s hard to balance school AND work…it takes total commitment to try and do both (which I know you probably have!). I was just piecing together my courses today and regardless of how much I jam into the first 1-2 years, it’s STILL going to take 3 years just because of those pesky courses where you need the prereqs from the other ones. At least I’ll be able to get some work time in when you’re only going to be taking 2 classes a semester in year 3 lol

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