work to work

I’m not the type of girl who would rather have someone else provide everything for her. It’s a nice thought and it is nice when it happens, but for the most part, I like to make sure that I can provide for myself (and the husband – like he would/does for me).

I like knowing that I make a contribution. It’s hard for me when I don’t feel like I’m making a contribution, actually. So when I have the opportunity to work, I mean really work, I take it. It’s my way of contributing. Even if it means working more than one job.

Take this weekend* for example – I went from one to two to three jobs all in that span. And what’s a girl to do when she’s offered work? She works it!

*weekend for me means Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Whether it means going right from one job to another or working late one night at one job and then going in early to the other the next morning…I’m doing it!

I definitely don’t use the term ‘work-to-work’ lightly since that’s exactly what I felt like I was doing; going to work, coming home and basically changing my clothes to go straight back into work.

And when I work, I like to work like mad. By this, I mean I’m the crazy girl who will agree to go from one job to the next and just continuously work. I work while I’m at work.

Needless to say, I’m pretty tired now and after my early wake up call today (3:45am anyone?!), I’m ready for bed! Which is why I plan to sleep it off, then back to some good blog reading and blog producing!

But before I go, a little addition I like to call WIAW

What I Ate Weekend!

…since Wednesday isn’t here yet and I need to show some of my eats from the past few days.

Goooooooood night!



5 Comments on “work to work”

  1. I’m not big into working 😦 not one of my finer characteristics. Don’t get me wrong, when I work… I put my best foot forward and give it my all, but at the end of the day I’d prefer to be home with loved ones or even just reading a book. I guess my work ethic is poor :/

    Either way, your eats look ridiculously delicioussss from the weekend! Yum!!!

    • I feel bad too easily…my husband will tell you that. And I feel bad staying at home because I’m not contributing, but also because I still don’t accomplish things at home when I’m not working…like folding laundry. So I really fail as a stay-at-home wife anyways. At least if I’m working, I have an excuse for not folding laundry haha

  2. I feel you about wanting to contribute. When Justin and I first started looking for a house – I didn’t have ajob. We could have made it withouth me working, but I wouldn’t have felt ok!

  3. Cait's Plate says:

    That looks like a delicious WIAW!! Especially the muffin slathered in nut butter – ya can’t go wrong with that! 🙂

  4. suzziev says:

    wow! 3 jobs is crazy hope you find some time to enjoy your weekend chica! Your food looks delish 🙂

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