I don’t play the ‘sick person’ role very well. I whine, I don’t do as much housework (let’s be clear that there’s always room to do other fun things though) and I start wishing that I was not me in that moment.

I hate going through a box of kleenex in 20 minutes, so my nose is more raw than your salad. I’m at the point in where my nose won’t stop running. It really is a curse.

I hate not having full energy. I bet it’s going through all the kleenex that’s the real reason why I’m so worn out.

I really hate not being able to taste food. Which leads to not cooking because if I can’t taste food then what’s the point of preparing it for other people (sorry husband). Although, I do think it would be funny to make something so horrible, serve it to someone and not even know how horrible the meal is.

But, do you know what I especially hate? Not being able to run. I’m short on breath as is, so running is just out of the question. Plus, who wants to be the loser running with 20 kleenex in her pocket…not me…ok, it is me.

At the peak of my uber sexy sickness, the hubby had his one and only day off work (aka: yesterday). I am shocked he stays with me after my affair with kleenex. I tried to keep it on the DL…but we were just too passionate for each other.

In true awesome wife fashion, I sucked it up and we had a productive day. We got some groceries (they don’t replace themselves after you use them…weird).

And then we hiked – I figured fresh air might help my condition.

This is the nicest hiking area around us. We’ll definitely be back for more!

Burnt crossed some bridges.


Even if the bridge was made for a stream that clearly didn’t need it.

Saw some reeeally creepy bugs.

Passed a lake that was not quite swim-worthy.

Took some bad self photos in front of the lake (so not blog worthy).

Walked on what felt like a tight-rope.

I also respectively held my bladder and the husband respectively tried to not think about how hungry he was. I told him to eat more lunch, but he obviously didn’t listen.

We came home (he ate, clearly) and then I did something that every man should be scared of. I (wifey) cut Tyler’s hair. He clearly puts full trust into me and actually liked the haircut I gave him last time if he’s coming back for more.

The excitement just LEAKS from him!

Who’s having more fun here? I think it’s pretty obvious…

Tyler wanted to go out for dinner, so I convinced him not to. Because by this point, I really couldn’t taste anything at all. I could have eaten ‘poop’ (is how I worded it) and still wouldn’t be able to taste it. He seemed to disagree on that statement.

So, I made a green smoothie for din because I knew that even though I couldn’t taste it,  it was still good for the bod 😉

And then, I crashed hard that night. Still not totally normal (darn nose), but I’m hoping for full recovery by tomorrow.

Q: What do you do when you’re sick? Any remedies or tricks you use?

I rest when my body tells me I need it – like on Sunday after work.

I think pomegranates are really good health revivers – so I ate one yesterday…before the loss of taste, of course!

Q: Would you cut someone else’s hair that’s really close to you (say, your husband?!). And if so, how nervous would you be?

Even though I’ve cut his hair once before, I was afraid that this time I might actually mess it up. It’s pretty simple, but I guess he’s more of the fool if he put the scissors in my hands 😉



9 Comments on “sicko”

  1. I’m sorry you’re sick. It’s officially summer now, too. I’m sick as well. This is a really lame time for that stuff. That’s so cool that you were able to take a walk, though. I mostly just lay around and whine.

    I want to learn to cut hair so that I don’t have to pay for hair cuts. I’ll probably be nervous, but after a while I’m sure I’ll be okay with it.

    • Ya…I would watch youtube videos honestly…I feel like I do that for everything haha! I hope you feel better too…I just tried to sleep a bit more, but I woke up still with no sense of smell/taste 😦 booo!

  2. Cait's Plate says:

    I’m totally a terrible sick person as well. Back before my injury when I COULD run, I used to hate not being able to run the most.

    Also – funny story about cutting a significant other’s hair. I BEGGED my boyfriend to let me try to cut his and after many, many, many months he finally let me and I totally butchered it! I used a 1 instead of a 3 on the razor so he was left with almost no hair. To this day he won’t forgive me and let me try again!

    • That’s so funny! You meant well though….I think I would do the same thing if I had to buzz Tyler’s head. Luckily, he likes his hair the length where you can use scissors. I do the width of two fingers as my go-to for his length! haha

  3. Oh no! Hope you feel better. I actually like to do moderate workouts when I’m sick — I feel like it gives me a boost of energy or at least migration from lethargy 😉

    I have my best friend cut my hair all the time! Total trust.

  4. paijery says:

    Bummer you’re sick! Hopefully you’ll start feeling better asap!
    I love that you still drank a green smoothie even though you couldn’t taste it. True green love 😉

  5. Tiff says:

    I’d be too nervous to cut the hubby’s hair, but I do tell him to eat more all the time. I never feel badly for the guy when he says he’s hungry. haha

    Get well soon! I usually use sick time as an excuse to rest on the couch in pajamas. It helps!

  6. He does look pretty excited… haha
    I LOVE the Bruce Trail! So beautiful!!!

    I (thankfully) don’t get sick very often, but when I do I make sure to rest lots and drink lots of fluids! Especially OJ.

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