rock, paper, scissors

We all know that in the game of rock, paper, scissors, one trumps the other.

Paper covers rock.

Scissors cut paper.

Rock breaks (?) scissors.

I kind of compare this game to events  that  happened in the past couple of days. Except replace the rock, paper and scissors with negative and positive.

In my case, two positives trumped one negative. It also helps that one of my positives was a huge accomplishment on a personal level for me.

Shall I start with the negative? Get the bad out of the way first. Or at least that’s how I’ve always done it when someone has said, “do you want the good or the bad news first?”

The bad: I woke up this morning not feeling 100%. I joked that I was functioning at about 74% today. Normally getting 74% on anything would be considered good, but I’m telling ya,this 74%er just wasn’t feeling it today at work.

I was lacking energy, sniffling, consuming constant water (not bad, I know) because my throat was like sandpaper (there’s the bad part) and longing for any bed to crawl into…which would have been pretty easy, considering I work in a long-term care/retirement village.

It all started yesterday when I woke up feeling like I had food lodge in the back of my throat (too graphic?) every time I went to swallowed. This didn’t stop me from my morning run though. In fact, I still went out and ran in hopes it would make me feel better…and it did…for a bit.

I’d give you those stats, but they were ok. And I actually have to show you some other stats, which have to do with my one positive (hint: it’s not the huge accomplishment positive).

I still carried on with the day, had that huge positive (I like to leave you hanging ;)), then went to a birthday party for one of my close friend’s daughter; she turned one and I couldn’t miss it, sore throat and all!

And that’s it for the sickness…I know it will be going away tomorrow.

The good #1: I had mentioned above about not posting my stats for my run from yesterday, partly because I need to share with you my stats from Wednesday. This is when I ran an awesome negative split. We’ve heard about it before, from Angela, and I actually achieved one that I’m proud to show you.

Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1 – 8:54
Mile 2 – 9:28
Mile 3 – 9:23
Mile 4 – 8:42
Mile 5 – 9:01

Doing the math:

Mile 1 + Mile 2 + half of Mile 3 = 13:04
Mile 4 + Mile 5 + half of Mile 3 = 12:35

I successfully ran the second half of my run 29 seconds faster than the first part…and this was with running 5.67 miles total (note: I didn’t include the mileage past the 5th mile since it was inaccurate due to not being a complete mile). I also ran this midday in the heat (about 90F) with pure sun and no wind…let’s just say my face was a blotchy red mess!

The good #2: What you’ve all been waiting for…the best of the best positive!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of bumping into someone I quite admire. The best things are those you don’t see coming. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t have seen this one coming in a million years!

I was minding my own business at the Farmer’s Market on a lovely Saturday morning. I was actually sitting on the sidewalk with my sister waiting for the husband to get there so I wouldn’t have to carry around his cold smoothie anymore. While we were sitting and waiting for him to get there, I remembered that I had forgotten the camera at home (my plan was to take some much needed pics at the market), so I called him. Luckily, he was still at home and successfully snagged the camera along with the two other things I forgot to bring (Farmer’s Market LIST and reusable bags…what was I thinking?!). That’s when it happened…

Could it be?

No, it can’t!

Yes, yes it is her!

This is when I proceeded to follow her and contemplate whether I should talk to her now and hope she wouldn’t mind me bugging her again when the husband arrived with the camera OR wait til said husband got there with the camera then talk to her.

I did it. I followed her for a bit, then decided I had to talk to her and hope that the husband was coming soon (in the meantime I was also texting Tyler like crazy telling him to HURRY!)

So who did I meet, you ask?





Do you recognize this book?

Or this one…

Or this one?

How about this one?

Or wait…that’s not a book.


I did it! I met Tosca Reno. Why was I so excited about this? Well, I was first introduced to her books even before she was famous. I was on a trip to Atlanta over 5 years ago and I asked my grandma if she had any good books I could take with me on my flight…she gave me Tosca’s book, “The Eat-Clean Diet.”

Not only has this been one of my favourite books, but it taught me a lot about eating! I love her concepts, recipes and her in general – I became an instant fan! After basically taking on the Eat-Clean Diet as my bible (I seriously referred to it ALL the time), I started looking more closely at where the photos in the book where shot. To my surprise (and I mean surprise), her grocery store pictures where shot in my hometown in the grocery store I frequent. This obviously made me love her more!

Never did I think I would ever bump into her at the local farmer’s market…but luckily, yesterday it happened. She is super nice (which I never had any doubts that she wouldn’t be) and was super helpful. She answered some of my questions and was just amazing with every word she spoke.

If you haven’t heard of her, please go pick up one of her books or check out one of  her site‘s. They never disappoint!

She was even nice enough to take numerous pictures.

With just me.

With me her, and her husband (and she even insisted that I stand in the middle…like I said, amazing)!!

Even me, her and my sister.

This was honestly one of the best days (can’t you tell from my smile?!).

Like I said, positives trump a negative! Always.


3 Comments on “rock, paper, scissors”

  1. That is pretty exciting! I don’t really know who that is, but it is still awesome that you met her.
    Positives do trump negatives always. Yay for positive things!

  2. Brittany says:

    Oh my goodness. I do LOVE this post!! I am totally jealous and also excited that Tosca was so friendly. What an amazing day for you. She looks just as lovely in person as she does on the cover of her books, maybe even better. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, that is awesome!
    Yes to positives trumping negatives, so agree!

    Hope you feel better! I was feeling like garbo this a.m. as well…no good!

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