exercising self-control

So I had a mean sweet tooth craving after lunch, which always exercises self-control a little bit.

I’m not saying lunch wasn’t good. It was actually so good that I had to share this pic.

A veggie sandwich on sprouted grain bread, composed of: garlic hummus, shredded raw carrot, shredded raw beets, cucumber slices, tomato slices, avocado and spinach.

Dream team sammy.

Even with this combo…I wanted a little more. So I had some leftover sorbet and a cookie (for convenience reasons). After having a few too many bites of the cookie than I really wanted to have, I started thinking about the creative ways I keep myself from eating regretable foods – a few might entertain you.

Some of the things I do to prevent me from having an, “I regret that” moment later.

If super lazy, push item that I’m eating out of hand-grabbing reach.

Throw item into garbage – this way, I know I won’t be going back for seconds…or thirds…or twentieths, unless the garbage is clean (kidding!)

Stare it down until it eventually blows up.

Make the hubby eat it.

Workout beforehand.

Promise myself I’ll workout after I eat it…never happens.


I think my fave by far is the push-away test, which I used yesterday with rice chips while reading blogs. But, I guess it’s only effective if you don’t lean over so the chips become within arms reach again…hmm.

In other news:

Didn’t have time to make a batch of iced coffee before I had to head out the door this morning. This might explain the “gapping out” and excessive yawning. It also might explain why my brother-in-law only needed my help for 2 hours instead of 4 today!

Just goes to show that my iced coffee addiction is getting bigger than your weird distance aunt’s bobble head collection.

In order to keep my sanity in check…I won’t go past one iced coffee a day…I promise. But hey, I’m sure that’s what the aunt said after picking out a cute Justin Bieber bobblin’ head! 😉

Q: What are some creative/interesting ways that you battle the “I regret that” demon?


7 Comments on “exercising self-control”

  1. I am really bad at exhibiting self control. A lot of times, I will have a piece of gum. I am usually not even hungry.. just want more of the delcisou taste in my mouth!

  2. I tell myself I’ll make smarter choices. I usually don’t, but whatever. This next one actually (USUALLY) does work… if it’s late at night and I need something to snack on, I’ll knock some sense into myself by planning breakfast for the next morning. I do a little trade-off… I could have that bowl of ice cream, or tomorrow for breakfast I could have my usual breakfast PLUS something else (half a bagel, pancakes, extra eggs, etc). Usually calms the sweet tooth 😉

  3. Corrie Anne says:

    Oh man. I know THAT feeling. I really struggle with extra eating in the evenings. Especially while blog reading!! haha. I like the push away test. I definitely feed food to my fiance to get it out of the way. I definitely try to wait an hour, but I have a cranky problem when I haven’t eaten. That led to me scarfing like three consecutive granloa thins followed by kettle corn last night. Oops! But I started the next day right with a healthy breakfast! 🙂

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  5. Oh I had a moment of that when I was dipping animal crackers in my biscoff spread..whoops. Then I realized I had some extra time and went and got on the elliptical for a bit and somehow didn’t feel so bad about my splurge.

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