WHT #2

It’s late, but I needed to get a WHT in tonight as it’s Wednesday!!

This one may put you to shame since it’s not exactly ‘healthy blogger’ material. But whatev…

This was pretty much an obsession of mine two summer’s ago. It was taken from me too soon, and now I want it back. At least for a day to savor it’s taste, then it can be gone again!

The cotton candy blizzard!

Oh so good…yet so bad. I love sweet, so you can guess why this spoke to me. Since DQ never appears to be bringing it back, I need to make something that reminds me of this! Fruit bars and smoothies just don’t cut it in terms of comparing to this (perhaps because they’re healthy?)

Give me summer and I’ll give you a million reasons why eating ice-cream everyday is acceptable. Ok people…it’s something I’m still working on changing, but you don’t want to mess with a hunger-driven ice-cream-aholic!!

And for that reason, one of my goals must relate to healthier alternatives to ice-cream….banana soft serve?!

What’s your favourite summer treat?

Mine is obviously (ie: this post!) and I’d have to add watermelon along with other fruits…and by that, I mean them ALL!

What do you do to ‘health-ify’ otherwise unhealthy snacks/treats?

Goodnight and happy Wednesday to everyone! 😀


11 Comments on “WHT #2”

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve never tried that cotton candy blizzard before, definitely looks yummy 🙂 My favorite summer treat is anything with strawberries and cottage cheese. Light, fresh, and full of protein 😀

  2. Is that a real thing ?! Cotton candy blizzard ?? Blue Bunny makes a pretty wonderful cotton candy ice cream.. I get it from time to time and NEVER regret the purchase. Ever.
    A lot of time if I’m in the mood to healthify a dessert I’ll take greek yogurt, mix in some sugar free fat free cheesecake jello pudding mix (not the already made kind) then add whatever toppings I want! It tastes like rich, decadent cheesecake. Sometimes (if I think in advance) I even freeze it.

    • char says:

      Yes! Cotton candy ice-cream is a close second (even though I get that DQ IS ice-cream haha) but DQ’s had these wonderful crunchy pieces in them!!

  3. Ooooo Cotton candy blizzard!! Inall honesty, I’ve never had a a blizzard, so that means I have never had a cotton candy one either. But cotton candy.. is love! I try to ignore the fact that it is pure sugar. I always treat myself to it when I am at a baseball gaem 🙂

    • char says:

      I can’t believe you’ve never had a blizzard, you make me look oh so bad lol. Pure sugar is fine…once in a while 😉

  4. Hi, I’m Lisa! I just discovered your blog and like it a lot! 🙂 I’m going to add you to my google reader so I can follow you.

    Anyways, I’ve never tried the cotton candy blizzard. Honestly, I always thought it sounded nasty but now you’ve got my curious to try it!

    Nice meeting you!

  5. Just had my first blizzard of the year a couple days ago and oh.so.good!

    I didn’t see Cotton Candy on the menu…dangit, now I have to go back 😉

    • It was limited time only 😦 and then I did some research and apparently it didn’t get enough buzz so it looks like it won’t be returning – of course I like the reject one! haha

  6. Tiff says:

    Mmmm! The cotton candy flavor doesn’t tempt me, but I’m a huge cookie dough fan. I’m also a huge ice cream nut in the summer, but then again, it’s always good!

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