Last Friday, Dawn had tagged me in a survey post (sorry for the delay my dear!) – so without further ado, here are my answers!

Name 3 things sitting next to you right now

1) Empty tea mug. When are they going to invent auto-refill ones!

2) MAC Cosmetic palettes. I admit, I was kind of lazy from the weekend and am just getting around to unpacking them (it was girl’s night on Friday – hence the make-up).

3) A book I borrowed from the library (super nerd, I know!) and it’s home is on the ground when not being read (along with the other 30 I took out – complete super nerd now).

Name 2 foods you can’t live without

  • Peanut butter – my fave is from the Bulk Barn. It’s the organic all-natural and it’s sooooo delicious. I could eat it everyday and think about the whole time I’m not eating it!
  • Pomegranate – it’s probably my favourite fruit for many reasons; I like to pick things, so give me a fruit with a million tiny seeds and I’m a happy girl! Also, nutritionally, it is high in antioxidants.

Notice how both of my fave foods start with a ‘P’ – not planned at all, I swear!

Name 2 things you can’t live without

  •  These kind of questions are tough for me because I want to be a smart bum and say food and water…because technically, you can’t live without them (or at least water…). So for that, yes, I will say water. I can’t live without water. I love it more than a normal person should love water. It makes me possessive (the husband knows what I’m talking about – don’t sip from my cup of water!) and makes me antsy when I don’t have some. If ever we’re traveling the hubby knows to have me nice and stocked!
  • My laptop – I know I could live without it, but it does help me with a lot of things…like this blog for instance! I think I’m not alone when I say that I’d feel lost without it!

Name 2 people you can’t live without

  • My husband. 

He is my everything and to be honest…the only one who could probably put up with me! I don’t know how he does it, but he’s an amazing man for that reason! He’s a busy working golf pro, but fits in time just for us (look at #5)!

  • The second person would have to be plural…personsssss. As in, the fam. I can’t decide who’s more important to be listed here and for that reason I chose no one! They all are important – that’s why they’re family! Especially this little one…

Who happens to be my little sis and it’s her BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Happy birthday, Jen!!!

Name 1 thing you did today

Wished the little sis a happy birthday, put on much needed laundry and sweat my brains out because it’s fiiiiiinally hot here in Ontario!! 

Name 2 things you learned from the healthy blogging community

  • You learn from others about great healthy foods – it’s great seeing how other bloggers use foods and what they eat. I like the people I follow because they’re real. They tell you what they eat and what they do – they aren’t afraid to admit if they were having a lazy day or ate some dessert!! Those are amazing real people :)!!!
  • You’re not alone – you realize that your struggles are other people’s struggles and that you have rocks in the blogging community. Even though it’s all virtual if you care about other bloggers, they genuinely care about you back and it’s a great feeling!

And there you have it – survey complete! Now before I go, I’d like to tag 2 people to complete this as well. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be offended if you decide to not do it – I chose to do it as I haven’t blogged in a few days (bad blogger :()! I just want you to know that I chose you because I am interested in your responses and finding out more about you! Here are my 2 choices:
1) Cait at Beyond Bananas.
2) Claire at Live and Love to Eat

Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday! I know I will – going out to lunch with mom and sister for her birthday and enjoying some of this lovely sun and warm weather (31 degrees celcius Canadians!) before I head into work. 🙂

And remember, it’s WHT Wednesday tomorrow! Also tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to run in my first race. It’s a 10K and I’m kind of nervous. To prep for it, I thought it was time to take my running off the treadmill and into the real world. Even though it was about 28 degrees celcius yesterday, I managed to run a nice 5.4 miles in mid-afternoon. I came back looking like I had just showered and had a face as red as a tomato. I’m taking today off just so I don’t overdo it, but am excited for tomorrow 😀


12 Comments on “surveying”

  1. Yay! Thanks girl.. will totally do this when I get home 🙂 (Um.. woops, if I am not home, I am at work.. meaning I am blogging at work. MY BAD!)

  2. Thanks for the tag love chica! I already did the “bootylicious” survey – I think it lost it’s name along the way – but I’ll post some variety of the answers tomorrow. That picture of you and your sister is SO ADORABLE – I hope my wedding pics turn out half as beautiful as yours! 🙂

  3. goodluck on your race and happy bday to Jen!!

  4. I definitely feel better about the fact that I recently withdrew a zillion books from the library. I thought I was the only person who still goes there haha 🙂

  5. Corrie Anne says:

    Pomengranate! That’s super unusual. I should try it. Did spell that right? I don’t think I’ve ever even tried to spell it before. I guess I could scroll up… lol. I can’t wait to go to the library this summer!! 🙂

  6. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday to you sister and I definitely agree in that you’re not alone in the blogging community. It’s what we’re all here for 🙂

  7. PB is something i can’t live without either. or chocolate.

    fun post 🙂

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