‘whatever happened to…’ wednesday!

Welcome to my brand new feature on the blog… ‘Whatever Happened To…” Wednesdays. As soon as the thought came in my head, I knew I had to do it.

Now, as a foodie, you’d probably expect most of my WHT’s to be about food, but let’s face it, there’s way too many other ‘special’ things out there to ignore. Food will be on here, but I had to start the first one off with this gem.

Now, I was born in 1986, so my childhood years were spent in the 90’s. I hope most others can appreciate some of the fads that I’ve been through, and can sadly admit that they went through them as well (and feel free to email me WHT items that you want to see on here that may differ).

This one featured tonight was a big one for me…and actually talking about old fads kinda makes me sad that this one had to leave, or I had to grow up (who knows which one came first). I’d totally still rock it today if they were around…and wouldn’t be ashamed. At all.

It’s the…

The Nano!

Don’t pretend like you never had/wanted one.

I started off with a dog nano (only because they were sold out of the baby one at Toys ‘R Us at the time) and upgraded to the baby not long after. This was the shiznit for me. Does any of this ring a bell to you?

If your baby pooped, you cleaned it up. Thank you for making me a caretaker so young in life, nano.

Also, very similar, yet not as cool (in my books)…

The Tamagotchi!

Sorry for the tamagotchi lovers, but I had friends with them, and even my dog nano kicked a tamagotchi’s butt…and don’t even get me started on how much more awesome the baby nano was than this thing!

And there you have it. The nano. The tamagotchi. Both legends of a pre-teen’s life.

Don’t lie – you liked it a little and also made you wonder where these guys did go.

Now, please excuse while I go dig through old boxes to find my purple baby nano and lime green dog nano (that’s right, I remember their colours). I’m just kidding, because that would be weird and honestly, a little creepy. Plus, like any good kid, I broke my nanos way before their peak.

Rest in peace dear nanos, rest in peace.

*Remember: if you have any (any, any, any!!) old fads/items/etc that you just thought of, email them my way, so I can feature them!

Happy WHT Wednesday!

PS – on the WHT page you can find more info about this new feature!


21 Comments on “‘whatever happened to…’ wednesday!”

  1. Jenny says:

    I was just thinking a few months ago about how I wanted a Gigapet…lol Going back to the old days ;D

  2. Aja says:

    I used to have something like but it was like 101 Dalmations. It may have been a gigapet. I was so sad when it broke.

  3. As a ’88er, I too was a product of the 90’s (umm.. HELLO Nickelodeon!!) and will be LOVIN’ these WHT posts.
    Nano Pets or Tomagotchi’s. That is the eternal question. I had both, and I must say the Nano Pet was superior for various reasons. This post makes me seriously want to go and dig them out of storage.

    • char says:

      Ya, I’m seriously wishing they still sold nano’s (and not by Apple haha). I bet they would be so cool now with a colour screen and everything! haha

  4. Bre says:

    hahaha my boyfriend got me a Tamagotchi for Christmas last year as a joke and it is still dangling on my key-chain… 🙂

  5. hahahaha omgshhh! I remember the tamagotchis!! I had like, what…3 of them? I eventually had upgraded to an actual baby boy. so fun seeing others reminisce 😛

  6. OMG NANOS… and their counterpart..or competition. Tamagachis. (sp?) LOVED those things… but totally forgot about it. AHHH. I want one. NOW.

    LOve the idea of this!

  7. Katie says:

    Love this idea!

    LOVE the new header and layout!

    I used to have those, I had like 5! lol! Wow it brings back memories!


  8. ladyemmy says:

    I loved those!! I remember we werent allowed to take them to school, so my mom was always taking care of mine while I was at school lol. After about 3, she had enough and I wasnt allowed any more haha:)

    • char says:

      That’s hilarious!! I think they were banned at my school too after they started distracting students. Obviously the teacher didn’t understand that feeding your nano was vital! haha

  9. bahahaha love the nostalgia of this series!!! too much fun! I killed my tamagatchi – whoops?

  10. Beanie Babies. WHT those?

    Nano’s…total flashback!

  11. I had a nano and a giga pet! I loved them so dearly. And whatever happened to Skip-It? I used to love that thing! I need to find one asap. Oh the 90s …

    & I tagged you in a survey, so you have to do it! 🙂

  12. paijery says:

    I had a nano!! Only the dog one though 🙂 Ahh I loved being a child of the 90s! I totally used to love skip-its!!!

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  14. […] a new barbie doll (as if I didn’t have enough already). A new nano. A new CD (Backstreet Boys…naturally). A new dog. Just kidding, I never got one…yet. […]

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